Offices and declared candidates for 2018 General Election

The following table lists offices and candidates seeking nomination and election in 2018 for the three major parties. If you’re interested in running for one of these offices, start your candidacy now.

This list should not be construed as the most accurate listing. The Marion County Election Board certifies candidate filings in Marion County.

US SenateLuke Messer, Todd RokitaJoe Donnelly
Congress – Dist. 5Susan BrooksDion Douglas, Sean Dugdale, Eshel Faraggi, Kyle Moore, Dee Thornton
Congress – Dist. 7John Couch, J Davis, Don Eason, JD Miniear, Wayne Harmon, Tony PelyAndre Carson
IN AuditorTera Klutz
IN SOSConnie LawsonJim Harper
IN TreasurerKelly Mitchell
IN Rep – Dist. 86Ed Delaney
IN Rep – Dist. 87Carey HamiltonPaula Finch
IN Rep – Dist. 88Poonam GillBrian Bosma
IN Rep – Dist. 89Cindy KirchhoferJohn Barnes
IN Rep – Dist. 90Tim JeffersMike Speedy
IN Rep – Dist. 91Kevin LeineweberRobert Behning
IN Rep – Dist. 92Karlee Macer
IN Rep – Dist. 93Greg RathnowDavid Frizzell
IN Rep – Dist. 94Cherrish Pryor
IN Rep – Dist. 95John Bartlett
IN Rep – Dist. 96Greg Porter
IN Rep – Dist. 97Justin Moed
IN Rep – Dist. 98Robin Shackleford, Nicole Thomas
IN Rep – Dist. 99Vaness Summers
IN Rep – Dist. 100Dan Forestal
ProsecutorTerry CurryBen Strahm
ClerkMyla EldridgeKyle Leffel
AuditorJulie VoorhiesCaarn Singh Heir
SheriffKerry Forestal, William BenjaminThomas Vaughn, Jim Grimes, Brian Durham
AssessorJoseph O’Connor
RecorderKate BellPaul Annee
Small Claims – CenterBrenda roper
Small Claims – DecaturMyron Hockman
Small Claims – FranklinJohn Kitley
Small Claims – LawrenceKimberly BaconDavid Seiter
Small Claims – PerryCheryl Rivera, Joseph Schaefer
Small Claims – PikeDoug Stephens
Small Claims – WarrenGarland GravesSusan Smith
Small Claims – WashingtonSteve Poore
Small Claims – WayneGerald ColemanBob Lutz
Beech Grove Sch. Board (x3)
Decatur Twp. Sch. Board – Dist. 1
Decatur Twp. Sch. Board – Dist. 3
Franklin Twp. Sch. Board – Dist. 1
Franklin Twp. Sch. Board – Dist. 3
Franlin Twp. Sch. Board At-Large
IPS At-Large
IPS – Dist. 1
IPS – Dist. 3
IPS – Dist. 5
Lawrence Twp. Sch. Board At-Large
Lawrence Twp. Sch. Board – Dist. 2
Perry Twp. Sch. Board At-Large (x3)
Pike Twp. Sch. Board At-Large (x3)
Warren Twp. Sch. Board At-Large (x3)
Wayne Twp. Sch. Board At-Large (x4)