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News Roundup for 1-12-13

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Storified by Chris Spangle

Spangle: Why Does Jeff Sessions Hate Jack Lew?

Sen. Jeff Sessions has been very clear: Jack Lew (and his funny handwriting) will NOT be our next Treasury Secretary. Usually, the good-ole boys club lets whomever through. The Republicans understand that a Democrat is just going to choose an American-hating Socialist, and the Republican administrations will just appoint someone who only cares about abortion and giant flag pins. They don’t want to experience payback when their team starts nominating people. So it is interesting that Sessions is so adamant. Here is why:

Spangle: The Problem With Sandy Relief Aid

One of the insider-political discussions in Indiana has been a discussion on Rep. Todd Rokita and Rep. Marlin Stutzman’s vote against Sandy Relief. For Rokita’s part, here was his explanation. The conventional wisdom is this, “What cold heartless scumbags! Wait until a tornado hits their district!” These were just from the Republicans!

The bigger problem for the 80-some Republicans is the view that this is a goodie-bag for their districts. New spending always helps your re-election efforts.

I especially would like to point out this line: “Additionally, there are billions of dollars in the Senate’s emergency spending bill that are not for relief and repairs directly related to Sandy, but rather for future projects spread across several federal agencies. These types of requests do not belong in an emergency bill and should be handled through the normal budgeting process, where we can have  a discussion about spending priorities.”

If you’d like an accurate and entertaining view of the type of scams that these bills produce, then take a look at season 2 and 3 of Treme on HBO.

Reason.TV recently produced a concise view of the problem with this type of relief, and they go in to the philosophical issues with these types of bills.

Spangle: News Roundup for Jan. 11, 2013

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News Roundup – 1-11-13
News from Jan. 11, 2013.

Storified by Chris Spangle

How Great Is Our God by Louie Giglio

Louie Giglio is in the news. I’ve heard his name for years, but I had never actually seen him preach. I stumbled on this on YouTube. Wow. Nothing strengthens my faith more than contemplating the immense size and expanse of our universe.

Spangle: Pay Attention to Your Legislatures

Often, it is very easy to focus on national politics solely. There is a wealth of accessible and entertaining information on the Federal government and national politics. The focus of our site is mostly focused on national politics? Why? We want to have as broad of an audience as we can so we can educate as many people as possible about a libertarian point of view on the issues.

The problem is that we as Libertarians can exercise real power. Over the last eight years, I have seen countless groups of people pass or kill bills and ordinances by protesting, blogging, online organizing, letter writing, phone banking, and in some cases, just SHOWING UP to a meeting. So few people pay attention to state and local governments that libertarians have a great opportunity to explain and influence policy if they’d just show up. It would mean better government, better press and better candidates for libertarians.

Two years ago, I launched the Libertarian Legislative Think Tank on facebook. I figured if we had 10 people join and help me find some good or bad legislation for blog content on and press releases, it would be a success. It’s now going in to its third session with over 200 Hoosier libertarians that have supported and killed bad legislation. Several State House and Senate lawmakers are in the group and appreciate the feedback. I believe it has moved those legislators in a libertarian direction based on their proposed bills in 2013.

If you are in a state other than Indiana, STEAL THIS IDEA. PLEASE.

Evan McMahon, the Executive Director of the LNCC, shared this in there tonight. (He also recently launched a new page, Indiana Drone Watch):

“Here are 11 Senate bills that have been introduced in the General Assembly that I thought the group would like to keep up on. These are bills that we may want to focus on.”

SB 0037 — Precinct Committeemen
Author — Sen. Banks
Bill Status – 
Full Text –

SB 0020 — Use of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles
Author — Sen. Tomes
Bill Status – 
Full Text – 
Facebook Page – 

SB 0035 — Recording Law Enforcement Officer Activities
Author — Sen. Banks
Bill Status – 
Full Text – 

SB 0051 — Straight Ticket Voting
Author — Sen. Delph
Bill Status – 
Full Text – 

SB 0156 — Downloading of Cell Phone Information by Police
Author — Sen. Waltz
Bill Status – 
Full Text – 

SB 0054 – Redistricting
Author — Sen. Delph
Bill Status – 
Full Text – 

SB 0097 — Possession of Firearms on State Property
Author — Sen. Banks and Tomes
Bill Status – 
Full Text –

SB 0130 — Indiana Firearms Freedom Act
Author — Sen. Kruse
Bill Status – 
Full Text – 

Bills to oppose?

SB 0151– Passenger restraint systems for children
Author – Sen. Skinner
Bill Status – 
Full Text – 

SB 0137 — Independent sales representative commissions
Author — Sen. Hume
Bill Status – 
Full Text – 

SB 0023 — School prayer
Author — Sen. Kruse
Bill Status – 
Full Text –

Spangle: Penn & Teller: Bull—t! on Gun Control

If you can’t reach me, I will probably be watching this guy’s YouTube Channel for the next two weeks.

Check out the new We Are Libertarians Site

We launched the We Are Libertarians in March of 2012 as a podcast. Since the beginning of the year, we have launched the website with several updates a day. We write about things that will interest political observers, political commentary from Creighton Harrington, Joe Ruiz, Greg Lenz, and Chris Gault and once we are back in to political season, political analysis. We are also adding in ways for listeners to participate in the podcast.

Please do me a favor: Book mark it, put it in your RSS reader, and share it with your friends. Thank you! –

Spangle: Video a Must Watch- Choose Your Own Crime Stats

“Crime stats they’d rather you not hear.” from

List of Indiana Podcasts

I am not a huge music listener, to be honest. I like to listen to audiobooks and podcasts. There are a lot of great Indiana podcasts, but it is tough to find them. Many of local podcasters had great idea, but haven’t published since the W. administration. So I put together this list of Indiana podcasts and internet talk stations that are current and worth your time. I also included a list of my favorite apps and national podcasts.

It isn’t comprehensive, and it’s based on my  judgement of quality, if it is up to date, and broad interest by most Hoosiers. If you think I am missing something, drop me an email! Where possible, I have posted the URL where you can find the RSS feed vs. posting the RSS feed. This is for our non-iPod listeners.

Internet Talk Stations: – The only true online, independent Indiana talk station. They are a month old, so it will be exciting to see where they go. – Not Indiana focused, but they do have a Hoosier show: Gillespie.

My Favorites: – My favorite new local podcast – Abdul and Indy Politics do great work. – Smiley in the Morning – A large amount of local content. – I love this little podcast. -Economic Club of Indiana Speaker Archive Podcast – There are many, many churches that post sermons, but Mount Pleasant Christian Church and Chris Philbeck is my top pick. – Discontinued, but a great look at Indianapolis Tech.


Music: – No RSS, but the shows are online. – No RSS, but the shows are online.  – No RSS, but the shows are online.


Everything Else:

Huge list of shows:
Another big Directory: – I am not a premium subscriber, but they are essential.

Essential Apps and Equipment:

These apps are great! Download them on your mobile device and enjoy.

Squeezebox Radio – I have two because I love the function and sound of this radio.
TuneIn Radio
Jazz Radio
Word of Promise Audio Bible
Hourly News
Also, search the app store for your favorite radio show. They might have an app!

Favorite National Internet Radio Services:


Favorite National Podcasts:

Mike O’Meara Show
American Conservative University Podcast
Cato Events
Cato Daily
The Mountain Stage
Ten Minute Podcast
Tony Campolo Podcast
Back to Work
True Story
The Truth
The Don Geronimo Show
The Adam and Drew Show – The Briefing
CNN Radio News
The Crossover
David Allen Company Podcast
Evernote Blogcast
Here’s the Thing
Insight for Daily Living
iPad Today
MacBreak Weekly
Mars Hill Church: Mark Driscoll Audio
NPR: Fresh Air
Penn’s Sunday School
The Not So Mad Men
The Mixdown
Renewing Your Mind
The ABC’s of SNL
The Social Hour
Sound Opinions
The Splendid Table
Tech News Today
This Week in Goole
This Week in Tech
Thomas E. Woods Jr.
This American Life
WTF with Marc Maron
Your Move with Andy Stanley
WSM Podcast
99% Invisible
The Accidental Creative
The Advertising Show
A Prairie Home Companion
The Audacity to Podcast Exploring Liberty
Mac Power Users
Rich Eisen Podcast
Six Pixels of Separation
Wiretap from CBC

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