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We Are Libertarians Episode 027: Gun Rights, Fiscal Cliffs, and Mittens

Chris Spangle, Creighton, and guest host Greg Lenz discuss guns in the wake of Newton and the fiscal cliff.

We Are Libertarians – 016: I bunked with a guy that only talked about shrimp

In a special bonus episode, the guys sit down with “Goose” to discuss what it’s like to serve in the military. “Goose” isn’t his real name, but he is an active duty soldier. He gives his perspective on politics, libertarianism, and the military.

News Release: Former Libertarian Head Joins Englehart Group

Englehart Press Release:

INDIANAPOLIS – Chris Spangle, who most recently served as the Executive Director of the Libertarian Party of Indiana, has joined The Englehart Group as Senior Account Executive.

Spangle brings eight years of experience to the firm, specializing in public relations, political strategy, issue training, social media marketing and event coordination. Before working for the Libertarian Party of Indiana, he served as a reporter and the morning show producer for “Abdul in the Morning” and worked in the public relations department at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway.

“We’ve known Chris for quite a while and we’re so fortunate that he’ll be bringing his outstanding skills to our company,” said Blair Englehart, President. “His understanding of the marketing landscape and account service will provide us with even greater depth in serving our clients.”

The Englehart Group provides experienced, expert consultation, development and implementation in the areas of strategic planning, market research, program development, advertising, marketing, public relations, media negotiation and placement, online marketing, video production, website and app development, social media integration, collateral literature, print materials and event production. The firm is located in the historic Mass Avenue Arts District in downtown Indianapolis.


Pot Legalization isn’t about Getting High

When someone tries to explain why pot shouldn’t be legalized I think to myself, “Grow up.” If you try to defend the societal and economic cost of marijuana criminalization has had on our society, you are out of touch with the realities of our criminal justice system. The felonies placed on young people for nonviolent offenses does more damage to our society than someone smoking a plant. This is especially true in the African-American community.

Mitch Daniels was busted with a shoebox or two of pot, and he turned out to be a productive member of society. Would that be possible with today’s laws for nonviolent offenses?

Arguments against legalization or decriminalization aren’t based on scientific or reasoned arguments. It’s based on stereotypes and propagandized traditions.

I could care less about availability. I am not interested in drugs. I AM interested in not locking up a nonviolent offender to the tune of $50K per year to teach them how to be a violent offender because of their new surroundings. Then when they get out, the parole system and societal attitudes are rigged against a person that has served their time. So the less people we lock up for silly offenses, the more room we have for thieves, rapists, murderers, fraudsters, and Illinois Governors.

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