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An Open Letter to Brian Bosma, CC: The Indiana Republican Establishment

Speaker Bosma –

I hope you are proud of yourself.

Think of it as about your life, not politics.

Indiana Education Reform: Who Got a Mandate?

The 2012 election is now a few days behind us.

The GOP Labored Hard to Keep Ron Paul Quiet

It’s Labor Day.

Do I Owe the GOP Voters a Round of Applause? Nah.

I feel like I should give the GOP some credit here. Kinda. Sorta. Maybe.

The GOP is the party that questioned Obama’s religion in 2008. And 2009, and 10, and 11, and today. For some reason, the possibility that Obama might even maybe be Muslim, despite all evidence otherwise, seemed to be a topic of much concern to the members of the Grand Ole Party.

Sure, they been concerned about Obama’s birth certificate, too. More so, even. But the amount of concern over his religion has not been slight.

Now, though, the Republicans have selected a 100% non-protestant presidential ticket. Mitt Romney is Mormon.

Most Republican Voters: Well Meaning Hypocrites? Santorum, Romney and Ron Paul.

Are most Republican voters well meaning hypocrites or just useful tools? That’s a brutally honest question and here is why I ask it.

Dear Republican Party Regarding The 2012 Presidential Election

Liberty Political Systems Announces the Advanced PAULBOT 2012!

Liberty Political Systems of America has announced it’s latest amazing piece of engineering. The Paulbot 2012.

The “Paulbot” has an advanced operating system that replaces the old “Garbage In / Garbage Out” (GIGO) problem of information processing with an advanced “Knowledge In / Liberty Out” (KILO) software system. It is a much more advanced system as the ‘Bot is specifically programmed to question and analyze all data fed into it rather than to just accept that data which leads to incorrect answer formulation. The ‘Bot also seeks to maximize its operating environment with special Anti-Tyranny, Anti-Central Planning and Advanced Freedom sub-routines.

The Paulbot can have trouble interfacing with other company’s products because the Paulbot has Advanced Foreign Policy Subroutines that require a very large database. This can cause buffer overflow and seg-fault in most other company’s ‘bots. Those ‘bots can generally only database events back to 2001 or sometimes 1979 whereas the Paulbot has massive capacity allowing its special Middle East database tables to be indexed back to at least 1953 and in many cases the 1920s or earlier.

The Paulbot is economic too. Advanced cost reduction processes allow LPS to provide the Paulbot at a lower cost than any of the other, less advanced, political ‘bots.

Ron Paul and Republicans: It’s Decision Time

Dr. Ron Paul
(image credit:’s been a lot of chatter in the blogosphere and the news lately about whether Ron Paul may abandon the Republican Party and choose to run for President on a third party ticket.

The Impending Death of the Tea Party

According to a recent CNN/Opinion Research survey, more than half of Americans now have an unfavorable opinion of the Tea Party.