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Libertarian Party of Marion County Selects Candidates for November Ballot

Indianapolis, IN – The Libertarian Party of Marion County recently held its Annual County Convention and selected several candidates to be placed on the ballot in November.  “We’re excited to introduce eight great candidates that voters in Marion County should feel confident voting for in November,” said Chris Mayo, Chair of the LPMC. “Our candidates have been working in their communities bringing effective, practical solutions to real life problems.  Electing them to local public offices will provide a huge benefit to their local communities.”

The Libertarian Party of Marion County nominated the following candidates:

  • Marion County Treasurer: Chris Bowen
  • Center Township Advisory Board District 4: Paul Copeland
  • Decatur Township Advisory Board District 3:  Jared Wales
  • Franklin Township Advisory Board District 2: Justin Hutchinson
  • Warren Township Advisory Board Districts 1:  Michael Gunyon
  • Warren Township Advisory Board District 4:  Josh Featherstone
  • Washington Township Advisory Board District 4: Angela Fisher
  • Wayne Township Advisory Board District 1: Jason Sipe

“We’re not through, yet,” continued Mayo.  We’ll continue driving up to the June deadline to recruit more candidates.  We want voters to have a real choice in every race on the ballot, and will continue working towards that goal.”

Mayo also put out a call to anyone that might be considering a run for office.  “If you’re interested in getting involved with your local government, or you have ideas to help your community and want to make them heard, give me a call or send me an email and we’ll be happy to help you out.”

Libertarian Party of Marion County to Hold Their County Convention on April 9th

Indianapolis, IN – April 6, 2016 – The Libertarian Party of Marion County will hold its Annual County Convention on Saturday, April 9th, 2016 at Highland Golf & Country Club, 1050 W 52nd St, Indianapolis.  The event will begin at 11am with a series of speakers, including Robert Enlow from the Friedman Foundation for Educational Choice and Abdul-Hakim Shabazz from 93.1 WIBC.  There will also be speaking time granted to the two candidates seeking the Libertarian Party of Indiana’s Gubernatorial nomination, Rex Bell and Jim Wallace, as well as LPIN Chair Joe Hauptmann.

The business portion of the meeting will begin at 1pm, and will focus on the nomination of local candidates.  The Party will also be slating candidates for State and Federal races whose districts include all or part of Marion County. The State and Federal candidates will be nominated at the Libertarian Party of Indiana Sate Convention on April 23rd.

The Party will be nominating candidates for the following races:

  • Center Township Advisory Board Districts 1-7
  • Decatur Township Advisory Board Districts 1-7
  • Franklin Township Advisory Board Districts 1-7
  • Lawrence Township Advisory Board Districts 1-7
  • Perry Township Advisory Board Districts 1-7
  • Pike Township Advisory Board Districts 1-7
  • Warren Township Advisory Board Districts 1-7
  • Washington Township Advisory Board Districts 1-7
  • Wayne Township Advisory Board Districts 1-7
  • Marion County Treasurer
  • Marion County Surveyor
  • Marion County Coroner

The Party will be slating candidates for the following races:

  • United States House of Representatives Districts 5 and 7
  • Indiana State House of Representatives Districts 86, 87, 88, 89, 90, 91, 92, 93, 94, 95, 96, 97, 98, 99, and 100
  • Indiana Senate Districts 30, 32, 33, 34, 35, and 36

Libertarian Party of Marion County Questions the Need to Add 150 New Officers to IMPD; Believes Proactive Measures Would be More Effective

Indianapolis, IN – The growth of violent crime in Indianapolis is undeniable.  Many of our City’s elected leaders have blindly pretended there is only one option to solve this epidemic: the addition of a large number of new police officers to the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department.  The Libertarian Party of Marion County questions whether this increase in officers will actually reverse that trend, or if there are better ways available.

“Simply throwing 150 new officers on the streets isn’t going to stop crime,” said Chris Mayo, Chair of the LPMC, “If crime prevention was simply a matter of increasing the ratio of officers per capita, Chicago would be a Mecca for peace.”  Mayo continued by pointing out Chicago has 44 officers per 10,000 citizens versus Indianapolis’ 20 per 10,000; meanwhile Chicago’s murder rate outpaces Indy’s 5-1, and rapes outpace Indy 3-1.  “Increasing the police state isn’t working there, and it shouldn’t be accepted – let alone proposed – in our city.”

City-County Council District 23 Candidate Douglas McNaughton shared Mayo’s Chicago sentiment, adding, “Washington D.C. has three times as many officers per capita as Indianapolis. Maybe the number of cops on the payroll is not the problem in Indianapolis.”  McNaughton suggests that a more positive involvement in the community would have a greater impact. “Let’s find new ways to utilize the officers we have. I’d rather have cops sharing a coffee and conversation with the community than roaming around looking for whatever some politician or bureaucrat tells them to look for.”

Fellow City-County Council Hopeful Mike Jasper (District 25) also believes that preventive measures are more likely to curb the chaos than a sudden spike in officer numbers.  “If we don’t find ways for people to earn a living, we can’t pretend to be surprised when they feel forced to take a living. We can’t police our way out of a surplus of ‘idle hands.’ We have to put those hands to productive work.”

Mayo, too, states that striking at the cause of crime is more necessary than funding a reaction to it.  “Instead of growing the police state, maybe we need to look at the cultural and economic issues that lead to increased crime. Maybe we need to find ways to engage our communities or empower them to tackle the issues at a more local level,” he said.  “Organizations like the Ten Point Coalition have proven very effective at reducing crime in local communities. Why aren’t we providing them with the tools they need to grow and succeed?”

The Libertarian Party of Marion County strongly believes in the need for our communities to be free of violent crime.  We doubt, though, that the addition of 150 officers to our police force is an effective way to make that happen.  We are forced to wonder if this idea spawned from any real indicator that more officers would solve the problem, or did our City Leaders simply latch on to the first thing that sounded good that, also, allows them to increase the police state?

Spangle: Pay Attention to Your Legislatures

Often, it is very easy to focus on national politics solely. There is a wealth of accessible and entertaining information on the Federal government and national politics. The focus of our site is mostly focused on national politics? Why? We want to have as broad of an audience as we can so we can educate as many people as possible about a libertarian point of view on the issues.

The problem is that we as Libertarians can exercise real power. Over the last eight years, I have seen countless groups of people pass or kill bills and ordinances by protesting, blogging, online organizing, letter writing, phone banking, and in some cases, just SHOWING UP to a meeting. So few people pay attention to state and local governments that libertarians have a great opportunity to explain and influence policy if they’d just show up. It would mean better government, better press and better candidates for libertarians.

Two years ago, I launched the Libertarian Legislative Think Tank on facebook. I figured if we had 10 people join and help me find some good or bad legislation for blog content on and press releases, it would be a success. It’s now going in to its third session with over 200 Hoosier libertarians that have supported and killed bad legislation. Several State House and Senate lawmakers are in the group and appreciate the feedback. I believe it has moved those legislators in a libertarian direction based on their proposed bills in 2013.

If you are in a state other than Indiana, STEAL THIS IDEA. PLEASE.

Evan McMahon, the Executive Director of the LNCC, shared this in there tonight. (He also recently launched a new page, Indiana Drone Watch):

“Here are 11 Senate bills that have been introduced in the General Assembly that I thought the group would like to keep up on. These are bills that we may want to focus on.”

SB 0037 — Precinct Committeemen
Author — Sen. Banks
Bill Status – 
Full Text –

SB 0020 — Use of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles
Author — Sen. Tomes
Bill Status – 
Full Text – 
Facebook Page – 

SB 0035 — Recording Law Enforcement Officer Activities
Author — Sen. Banks
Bill Status – 
Full Text – 

SB 0051 — Straight Ticket Voting
Author — Sen. Delph
Bill Status – 
Full Text – 

SB 0156 — Downloading of Cell Phone Information by Police
Author — Sen. Waltz
Bill Status – 
Full Text – 

SB 0054 – Redistricting
Author — Sen. Delph
Bill Status – 
Full Text – 

SB 0097 — Possession of Firearms on State Property
Author — Sen. Banks and Tomes
Bill Status – 
Full Text –

SB 0130 — Indiana Firearms Freedom Act
Author — Sen. Kruse
Bill Status – 
Full Text – 

Bills to oppose?

SB 0151– Passenger restraint systems for children
Author – Sen. Skinner
Bill Status – 
Full Text – 

SB 0137 — Independent sales representative commissions
Author — Sen. Hume
Bill Status – 
Full Text – 

SB 0023 — School prayer
Author — Sen. Kruse
Bill Status – 
Full Text –

Dick Lugar’s Voting Record

Erick Erickson of Red State did a short, but interesting piece Monday on Senator Lugar’s voting history.

Rupert Campaign Unveils RV to Tour the State With

The campaign of Libertarian Gubernatorial Candidate Rupert Boneham today introduced an RV that Rupert will use to visit all 92 Indiana Counties.

Boneham’s campaign manager, Evan McMahon, said the RV was chosen because,

“We don’t have millions of dollars in corporate sponsors, like the establishment candidates do.

So…Who is Rupert Boneham, Outside of Survivor?

Now that Rupert has made an official announcement

Rupert Makes It Official: He’s Running For Governor

The wait is over. After speculating since August, Rupert Boneham made it official in an afternoon press conference today at the American Legion Post on Holt Road. Rupert is, in fact, going to be seeking the Libertarian Party’s Nomination for Governor of Indiana.
This comes as no real surprise to people who have been following the story. Most indications since Boneham formed his exploratory commission in August have been that this would be his decision. When the announcement was made almost a week early that today’s press conference would be taking place, it left little doubt. The local news even covered the story as fact as early as yesterday.
Rupert was introduced by his campaign manager, Evan McMahon, and by Indianapolis City-County councillor Ed Coleman, who represents more constituents than any other Libertarian in the nation.
In his press conference, Rupert stated he is dedicated to bringing jobs to Indiana by creating a level playing field for all businesses, be they large, small, or home-based. He stated he is a believer in unions, is currently a union member himself, but also supports right-to-work legislation.

State Libertarian chairperson Sam Goldstein stated he was “excited about the announcement, but will wait to offer any official endorsement until after the final choice is made at our April convention. “
Because of the way state laws are written, Libertarians are not allowed to participate in the primary process. Instead, they choose from their candidates at party nominating conventions each spring. As of now, Boneham is the only person who has announced they are seeking the Libertarian’s gubernatorial nomination.

Boneham’s campaign released a campaign poster at the well-attended press conference (so well attended that it felt more like a “Go Rupert, Go”! rally than it did a press conference.) The poster, shades of blue with a semi-circle of gold stars above gold

Rupert Will Announce His Gubernatorial Decision Saturday

Word just came from Rupert Boneham’s campaign

Former Indiana Gubernatorial Candidate Andrew Horning Annouces Bid for U.S. Senate

Andrew HorningAndrew Horning, the 2008 Libertarian Party Candidate for Indiana Governor, issued a press release today announcing his candidacy for United States Senate in 2012. Horning received 2.1% of the votes in his 2008 campaign.

His press release, as published by the Libertarian Party of Indiana:

Contact: Andrew Horning

Andrew Horning, Candidate for Indiana U.S.A. SenateConstitution Day, September 16, 2011
The Freedom Farm, Freedom, Indiana
We The People have exactly and only what We The People have chosen. It should now be apparent that We The People have chosen badly for a very long time.
We The People have nobody else to blame for the endless wars, rising debts, rising crime, dropping wealth and standard of living…we have chosen every injustice, every lawless law, every bit of our ungoverned government.
The good news is that we should no longer worry about the catastrophe that’s about to engulf us, because it’s now too late to stop it. More good news is that we’ll soon be free of the ease that clouded our perceptions and retarded our actions.
Even more good news is that it is never too late to decide how We The People are to create and maintain a society by which we can live together in relative peace, prosperity and safety.
Today, the Cassandra-like Libertarians must avoid the temptation to say “I told you so,” and instead keep on working for what’s true, and what works. Libertarians and other forward-thinking people should be on hand to rebuild what generations of bad choices and the entrenched abstractions of our so-called and unconstitutional “Two Party System” have destroyed: Law and Order, Liberty and Justice for All.
Today, Libertarians need not explain why they dare oppose the so-called “Two Party System.” Today, anybody who would vote for any Democratic or Republican Party candidate has, in the words of Desi Arnaz, “got some e’splainin’ to do!”
So today, in the interest of having the right people in the right places in the event that We The People decide that this is the right time to stop the madness, I am announcing my candidacy for the office of U.S.A. Senator for the State of Indiana.
The addition of Horning to the 2012 Indiana Senate race could very well prove an interesting one.

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