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Libertarian Party of Marion County Offers Solutions Missed By Mayor Hogsett’s Plans for New Jail

Indianapolis Mayor Joe Hogsett laid out plans for a new jail in his recent State of the City Address, and in doing so linked Marion County’s criminal justice woes to the city’s financial problems. The Libertarian Party of Marion County said the mayor missed several key points.

Libertarian Party of Marion County chairman Chris Mayo said Mayor Hogsett cannot correlate an uptick in crime to the city’s failure to balance a checkbook, and then suggest spending money on a new jail as a remedy. “If it’s an overcrowding problem, then we need to re-evaluate what constitutes a crime, and what doesn’t,” Mayo said.

Mayor Hogsett’s speech came on the heels of the Marion County Sheriff’s Department saying the jail is “overcrowded.”

“We have a serious and dangerous problem with priorities here. We are wasting time, money, and valuable space punishing people and ruining lives combating victimless crimes,” said Mayo, remarking on the simple fixes necessary. “Our city isn’t going to solve violent crime by arresting people for petty offenses and spending more money we don’t have to create a facility to throw them in.”

Mayo went on to point out that Mayor Hogsett’s proposals aren’t all that new. “The Mayor’s address sounded eerily similar to the proposals Mayor Ballard advocated for last year. It’s pretty evident that – whether the mayor is a Democrat or Republican – they want to put the taxpayers on the hook for a project that provides nothing except a profit for those advocating for it.” Mayo continued by adding that, “The Mayor is correct; the city has financial issues and a corresponding crime problem. But spending more money on a facility with the intent to fill it isn’t going solve anything.”

The Libertarian Party of Marion County has been a strong advocate for fiscal responsibility by our city’s officials, decriminalizing or deprioritizing non-violent conduct, and engaging local communities to address violent crime.

For more information about the Libertarian Party of Marion County, visit or visit their Facebook page at

Three Indianapolis Residents Chosen for Leadership Roles on the Libertarian National Committee

Tuesday, July 1, 2014


(Columbus, Ohio)  The Libertarian Party held their biennial National Convention June 26th-29th in Columbus, Ohio.  Once again, the strength of the Libertarian Party of Indiana and the Libertarian Party of Marion County were apparent.  Perhaps the most notable display of strength was the election of three Marion County residents to various positions on the Libertarian National Committee (LNC).

Sam Goldstein and Evan McMahon were both elected to serve two-year terms as at-large members of the LNC.  Brett Bittner was elected to be an Alternate Regional Representative for LNC Region 3, which covers the states of Indiana, Ohio, Kentucky, and Michigan.  Goldstein was also tapped to chair the LNC’s IT Committee.

The Libertarian National Committee is the governing body of the Libertarian Party.  The body consists of four officers and five at-large members.  There are also eight regional representatives which participate in the LNC.

McMahon, who also serves as the Executive Director of the Libertarian National Campaign Committee, is joining the LNC for the first time.  “My goal is to be a strong and experienced voice as I advocate for candidates,” he stated. “I will work tirelessly to get Libertarian candidates and elected officials the support and resources they need to be successful.”

Goldstein is changing roles within the LNC.  Most recently he served as the Region 3 Representative to the organization, but is now taking on the at-large role.  The biggest change for Goldstein, though, is his new role as Chair of the IT Committee, where he has already set lofty goals.  “As the Chair of the IT Committee I plan to proceed with a total update of the LP’s IT platform over the next 2 years so that it is useful and user friendly for both LNC Staff and our state affiliates.”

Brett Bittner, who is a newer resident to the Hoosier State after serving the Georgia LP as their Executive Director and as an elected office holder, says he is, “honored to serve the Libertarians of my new home state , as well as our fellow Region 3 states of Ohio, Michigan, and Kentucky.” He went on to say, “I look forward to the term and what we can accomplish these next two years.”

The Libertarian Party of Marion County is very pleased to be so well represented in the leadership of our national party.

Another Super Bowl?!? Don’t Buy the Spin

To the surprise of exactly no one, word began to get around on Tuesday that Indianapolis would be submitting a bid to host another Super Bowl.

Straub Gone!

Fox 59 and other sources are reporting that Indianapolis Public Safety Director Frank Straub will announce his resignation this afternoon.

City Waiting for More Riders in Dangerous Bike Lanes

The Star’s Jon Murray has an article this morning on the miles and miles of new bike lanes the city has created.

“You may have heard the grumbles throughout winter as Indianapolis drivers navigated around slivers of streets marked off for miles and miles with freshly painted bike lanes. And, often, not a bicyclist in sight.

“As prime cycling weather takes hold –and as motorists grapple with what the sometimes-confusing markings and sympointbols all mean –now comes the test for the city’s newly expanded 64-mile network of on-street bikeways: Will bicyclists start using them?”

I wouldn’t count on it. Most cyclists I’ve spoken with are planning on avoiding the routes. The term “death trap” has often been used to describe the new paths. As the Star article points out, the paths are confusing, especially to motorists. That confusion is bound to increased car vs. bicycle police reports being completed.

Read the whole article here:

Now that it has built the bike lanes, the city is waiting for the riders to come | Indianapolis Star |

We Just May Get an ROI on This Super Bowl, After All

Thursday night at the CircleWow, Indianapolis.

The Root Of The Issue – Government Smoking Bans On Private Property

Every year this item rears its ugly head. Some lunatic, anti-property rights, nanny-state authoritarians come around trying to tell private business and property owners what they must or must not allow on their property when it comes to smoking. This is despite there already being a ban in place on most everything but bars, private clubs and casinos.
I wrote about this back in 2009 when some Republicans on the Indianapolis City Council were threatening to push through this kind nanny-state, anti-freedom garbage. And now, IMMEDIATELY after the elections where, as usual, Republicans spill rhetoric about the “free market”, “property rights” and “small government” they turn right around and spit on those very ideals.
This time, the person spearheading this nonsense is council president Ryan Vaughn (R). This is the same guy who helped push through legislation against individuals selling their own extra or unneeded event tickets. The line of the day which highlighted either his willful ignorance of private businesses leveraging the machinery of government OR his own naivety (you pick) was when he said that the ticket brokerages (paraphrased), “…want to be regulated.” Well, DUH, they want me and anyone else to be forced to sell them our excess tickets at their low-ball prices and to not have to compete with us when they sell them. Amazing that so-called small government Republicans (as if) would allow this kind of obvious interference in the free market.
Since people voluntarily work at places that allow or don’t allow smoking and individual consumers patronize places, voluntarily, that do or not allow smoking than this is the smoking ban issue, in a nutshell and it is arrogant and selfish. It is one group of people trying to use the government to force THEIR OPINION on everyone else.
They are basically saying, “I may want to come to your establishment, despite there being smoke-free options already in the marketplace, so I demand that the government threaten you with violence if my personal opinion on such smoke is not adopted by you. I am either not informed about or too lazy to seek out smoke free alternatives. I don’t care if it violates your property rights or the wishes of your existing clientele.
That’s it. People do not care who owns the place or what clients that owner may or may not want to serve. As with so many liberal, nanny-state causes, they want YOU TO DO WHAT THEY WANT rather than just take their business elsewhere or themselves create alternatives in the market.

And, once again, it seems we have those that the typical Conservative elects to protect us from this kind of authoritarian, anti-rights garbage helping make it happen. Apparently, they’re afraid they’ll be embarrassed if out-of-towners come to Indy for the 2012 Superbowl and see anyone smoking. And, don’t think for a minute, that ticket scalping legislation wasn’t also about trying to polish up the city in advance of the Superbowl. And one even wonders about the panhandler ordinance of a couple of years ago that made it illegal to even hold a political sign on a street corner.

I shudder to think that the elected city overlords are really willing to trade away freedom, rights and free market principles in exchange for a football game. And people wonder why the Libertarian brand is increasingly popular. Of course, it is because of consistent principles and ideology.

Problems with Early Voting at the Clerk’s Office Today?

I voted today. I went downtown to the Marion County Clerk’s office to do so. There were a lot of people down there to vote, probably because of the GOP early voting rally taking place across the street in the City Market property.

I would like to say that my experience was without any problem or confusion, but that was not the case.

Council Says "Keep it Georgia Street!"

At tonight’s City-County Council meeting, the Georgia Street proposal was introduced and went straight to a rare same-day vote. Unanimously, the CCC voted to recommend that one of Indy’s original street names remains unchanged.

I don’t know if it’s the councillors falling in line with public opinion less than a month before all of their jobs are decided. It probably is.

But it’s also a big sign to Mayor Ballard. For the incumbent mayor to not get one single vote from his own party on an issue that, until just days ago, he was a huge proponent of has got to be a blow. Even after conceding an immediate change, Ballard seemed to be a fan of still changing it later (presumably when the election was behind him.)

I doubt we’ll hear anything more about Ballard on Georgia Street for now. Just before an election and in light of tonight’s vote, the topic can do him too much damage to the mayor. It shows his unwillingness to listen to the will of the people of his city, even when it comes to things as simple as the name of a street.

Here’s the Star’s story on tonight’s vote.

City-County Council: Leave Georgia Street name alone | The Indianapolis Star |

Ballard’s Georgia Street Press Conference Doesn’t Make Any Sense

The Mayor held a Friday Georgia Street press conference, one day after reports began circulating that he had asked for the name Georgia Street to, for now, remain unchanged. In it he announced the plans to erect pillars honoring thirty great Hoosiers.

Ballard also said that this great plan is why he was such a big supporter of changing the street’s name. He said he just didn’t feel right building an honor to history’s great Hoosiers on a street named after another state.

On the surface, I think the Mayor’s claim seems to make sense…but I don’t buy it. Why would the mayor wait until after he conceded to keep the name to say why he had wanted it changed? Wouldn’t announcing grand plans such as these be the first thing you did in the face of complete public disapproval over the issue? And definitely be something you did BEFORE backing down?

“Hi folks. I know there’s a lot of people curious why I want to change the historic name of Georgia Street, a name that has been part of city since its inception. I wanna be clear to everybody that it has nothing to do with the Super Bowl or any of the NFL’s wishes. We are proud today to announce that the incredible new look of Georgia Street is going to also serve as an honor to the lives of thirty of history’s greatest Hoosiers.

“I would like to help add to the honoring of these great Hoosiers by also changing the name of Georgia Street to something more Indiana related. While Georgia Street is an important part of Indianapolis’ long history, it just doesn’t seem right to have this honor take place on a street named after another state. So, today I am asking for your support in changing this street’s name to Hoosier Boulevard!”

That’s all it would have taken. You present a plan and you support it with a reason. I’m not saying there would not still have been dissent, but there would have been a lot less of it.

By presenting the name change as an important part of a huge plan to honor our own, the mayor might’ve just been able to make it happen.

But that’s not even close to what Ballard actually did. He promoted name change without rhyme or reason. We heard of Peyton Place and Hospitality Boulevard…cheesy names that Indianapolis doesn’t feel represents its personality (and in hindsight do nothing to further the honoring of thirty great Hoosiers.)

Then, in the face of public outcry, the mayor finally backs down. And only then, after he concedes, does the mayor state what his thought process supposedly was from the beginning.

I just don’t buy it. It doesn’t make sense.

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