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Why Are Libertarians Different? Intent Vs. Outcome

This article was originally posted on The Advocates for Self-Government’s website and re-published here with permission

Libertarians… We are certainly a different breed.

We may look the same. We may use the same language. We put our pants on one leg at a time… Most of us, anyway.

We certainly have a unique way of thinking though.

Of course, our first instinct is not to suggest that “there ought to be a law.” That is the beginning of how we differ from non-libertarians.

The basis of not defaulting to government intervention lies a bit deeper than instinct. We want a lot of the same results: a well-educated society, an end to homelessness, peace with our neighbors, and the freedom to live our lives.

unintended consequencesWe also like to point out unintended consequences of policy decisions. Inevitably, every government policy idea devised sought to solve a problem, but not everyone follows where that policy idea takes us beyond the policymaker’s intent.

Libertarians recognize intent for what it is. We recognize that someone, somewhere intended their idea to fix an existing problem, prevent a future problem, or make lives better. We also see past intent to look at what happens when this intended solution gets implemented. We see whether it, or something similar, worked in the past. We also examine what we describe as unintended consequences that are likely to occur if the policymakers enact the proposed solution.

We focus on outcome.

We look at policies beyond intent, by focusing looking deeper than the surface, talking points, and smooth sales pitches. We look at people individually, rather than as statistics and metrics that can be manipulated. We examine individual decisions on their own, rather than as part of the aggregate. Put simply, we are looking out for the smallest minority there is… The individual.

Central planners will never be able to do so, because people are just data points. To them, they believe that they can predict what MOST of us will do when faced with a specific decision. The rest do not matter. Those individuals are statistically insignificant.

Are you insignificant?

Libertarians do not believe that you are, and we look at the unintended consequences, incentives, and individual decision-making to fully examine the outcome of a proposed policy or idea, rather than sweeping you, the individual, aside because you do not fit the model they prepared.

Today, ideas are judged by their intent, rather than their outcome. All too often, that means that the “solution” makes a larger or different problem.

To whom is that insignificant?

Libertarian Party of Marion County Urges Passage of HB 1008

Indianapolis, IN – Due to the bill’s effort to remove the straight-party device atop the Indiana voter’s ballot, the Libertarian Party of Marion County supports Indiana House Bill (HB) 1008 and asks that you do the same.

After examining voter turnout in Indiana’s 2014 midterm election, the United States Election Project claims that Hoosiers had the lowest turnout of any state in the nation. By the Marion County Election Board’s own figures, voter turnout among registered voters came to less than 25%, a disappointing outcome, considering the large number of races featured on ballots throughout Marion County.

“It’s telling that of eleven states offering a straight-ticket voting option, a majority find themselves near the bottom of states in terms of voter turnout in recent elections,” stated Chris Mayo, Chairman of the Libertarian Party of Marion County. “On the other hand, the states that led the nation in voter turnout did not offer a straight-party voting option on their ballots.”

In a recent Senate Election Committee hearing, proponents of the straight-party voting repeatedly suggested that eliminating straight-party voting would prove “too difficult” for the average voter. Libertarians say they have more faith in their fellow Hoosiers.

With the order of the ballot as it stands, voters choosing the straight-party voting option often overlook the numerous non-partisan races that can be found found near the bottom of the ballot.

House Bill 1008 would eliminate the straight-party option, encouraging voters to identify the candidates competing in every race listed on their ballot. Members of the Indiana Senate Election Committee will hold a hearing on the measure Monday, March 30, and Libertarians request your contact in support to the committee’s members.

The Libertarian Party of Marion County is Indianapolis’ third largest party, and the only one advocating for smaller government, lower taxes, and more freedom. More information about Marion County Libertarians can be found at

Three Indianapolis Residents Chosen for Leadership Roles on the Libertarian National Committee

Tuesday, July 1, 2014


(Columbus, Ohio)  The Libertarian Party held their biennial National Convention June 26th-29th in Columbus, Ohio.  Once again, the strength of the Libertarian Party of Indiana and the Libertarian Party of Marion County were apparent.  Perhaps the most notable display of strength was the election of three Marion County residents to various positions on the Libertarian National Committee (LNC).

Sam Goldstein and Evan McMahon were both elected to serve two-year terms as at-large members of the LNC.  Brett Bittner was elected to be an Alternate Regional Representative for LNC Region 3, which covers the states of Indiana, Ohio, Kentucky, and Michigan.  Goldstein was also tapped to chair the LNC’s IT Committee.

The Libertarian National Committee is the governing body of the Libertarian Party.  The body consists of four officers and five at-large members.  There are also eight regional representatives which participate in the LNC.

McMahon, who also serves as the Executive Director of the Libertarian National Campaign Committee, is joining the LNC for the first time.  “My goal is to be a strong and experienced voice as I advocate for candidates,” he stated. “I will work tirelessly to get Libertarian candidates and elected officials the support and resources they need to be successful.”

Goldstein is changing roles within the LNC.  Most recently he served as the Region 3 Representative to the organization, but is now taking on the at-large role.  The biggest change for Goldstein, though, is his new role as Chair of the IT Committee, where he has already set lofty goals.  “As the Chair of the IT Committee I plan to proceed with a total update of the LP’s IT platform over the next 2 years so that it is useful and user friendly for both LNC Staff and our state affiliates.”

Brett Bittner, who is a newer resident to the Hoosier State after serving the Georgia LP as their Executive Director and as an elected office holder, says he is, “honored to serve the Libertarians of my new home state , as well as our fellow Region 3 states of Ohio, Michigan, and Kentucky.” He went on to say, “I look forward to the term and what we can accomplish these next two years.”

The Libertarian Party of Marion County is very pleased to be so well represented in the leadership of our national party.

Think of it as about your life, not politics.

Gary Johnson to Return to the Hoosier State

Libertarian Party of Indiana Executive Director Chris Spangle confirmed on Facebook this afternoon that Gary Johnson will be returning to Indiana.

New Gary Johnson Ad

I know I risk turning this blog into the Gary Johnson Fan Page, but he’s putting out good quality ads.

Here’s the latest.

Please share with friends and family.

Gary Johnson: A New Ad

Gary Johnson has a new ad out.

I covered his first six ads in a series of posts on these pages a week ago.

Let’s Talk Gary Johnson (pt. 6 of 6)

Now that the Republican and Democratic conventions are in the past, I want to spend a few days talking about the Libertarian Party’s Presidential Candidate, Governor Gary Johnson.

He has a series of very well-produced commercials.

Let’s Talk Gary Johnson (pt. 5 of 6)

Now that the Republican and Democratic conventions are in the past, I want to spend a few days talking about the Libertarian Party’s Presidential Candidate, Governor Gary Johnson.

He has a series of very well-produced commercials.

Let’s Talk Gary Johnson (pt. 4 of 6)

Now that the Republican and Democratic conventions are in the past, I want to spend a few days talking about the Libertarian Party’s Presidential Candidate, Governor Gary Johnson.

He has a series of very well-produced commercials.

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