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Minimal improvement in 2010 for Hoosiers Beverage Choices

An update from our friends at Hoosiers for Beverage Choices…

As you may be aware, the 2010 Session of the Indiana General Assembly drew to a close last Friday. Unfortunately, the legislature ignored the voices of the more than 50,000 Hoosiers who support the modernization of Indiana’s alcoholic beverage laws to allow for Sunday carryout alcohol sales and cold beer sales at Indiana’s drug, grocery and convenience stores. Your legislators failed to pass these common-sense changes into law.

That’s not to say that lawmakers did not take up some alcoholic beverage issues this year. The legislature did pass Senate Bill 75, which allows for Sunday carryout sales at microbreweries and also extends the hours that bars and restaurants can be open on Sundays to 3:00 am Monday morning (current law cuts off sales at 12:30 am).

The inconsistencies and unfairness in Indiana’s alcohol laws get worse every year!

Hoosiers can purchase alcohol on Sundays at bars, restaurants and microbreweries, but they still can’t shop at their local drug, grocery or convenience store. Even though opponents of this common-sense change express concern over drunk driving, a concern we all share, they convinced your legislators to extend the time that bars and restaurants can serve on Sundays from 12:30 am to 3:00 am Monday morning.

The powerful package liquor store lobby was able to protect the monopoly on cold beer sales in Indiana given to them by your legislators for another year. Hoosiers will continue to pay a “cold beer tax” because of the artificial monopoly enjoyed by package liquor store owners at a time when drug, grocery and convenience store owners are doing every they can to help struggling Hoosier families deal with a very challenging economy.

Even though we are disappointed with the outcome of this legislative session, we know that these changes take time, and we are optimistic about our prospects for success during the 2011 legislative session. First, it will be a “long” legislative session, allowing for more issues to be addressed by the General Assembly. In addition, lawmakers must also pass the state’s budget next year, and as state revenues continue to fall, we believe that the additional $10 million or more generated from Sunday sales will be recognized as part of a common sense solution to budget shortfalls.

With your continued support, we will continue our efforts to modernize and bring fairness to Indiana’s alcoholic beverage laws will continue this summer. We will keep you posted of our efforts and let you know how you can continue to support this campaign.

As always, thanks for your efforts on behalf of Hoosiers for Beverage Choices.


Hoosiers for Beverage Choices

LPMC County Convention

The Annual County Convention for the Libertarian Party of Marion County (LPMC) has been set for Saturday, April 10 at 1:00pm!

LPMC County Convention: 1:00 pm at the historic Athenaeum Building (home of the Rathskeller), 401 E. Michigan St., Indianapolis, IN.

Please RSVP so we can have a head count:

LPMC County Conventions are held once a year, for the purposes of: nominating candidates for public office, electing delegates from the LPMC to the state convention, making amendments to the by-laws and receiving an annual report of the LPMC’s financial condition.

Sumbit your LPMC Run-for-Office form online:

For more information and the proposed agenda, visit the official website:

Defend Your 2nd Amendment Rights: Testify to allow guns in the Park: LOCATION CHANGE


The will be a meeting of the Parks and Recreation Committee on Thursday, February 25, 2010, at 5:00 p.m. at Garfield Park’s Art Center, 2432 Conservatory Dr.

PROPOSAL NO. 39, 2010 amends the Code to clarify provisions with respect to possession of firearms on park property. The amendment will allow honest citizens to protect themselves in the park by allowing us to bring our firearm in to the park (like we can in State Parks). Please forward email and get friends to show too!  

Ed Coleman (L) introduced this proposal to strengthen gun rights, and to bring Indianapolis Park regulations in line with State and Federal Parks .  You can watch Timothy Maguire and Ed Coleman on Channel 6 (with video):
As it turns out, our Republican Mayor, Greg Ballard, has announced he will veto Ed Coleman’s proposal to protect gun rights in city parks.  It hasn’t even been heard in committee yet, and he has preemptively stated that he won’t help Ed Coleman protect our right to carry while in City Parks.  Now is the time to turn up the heat; let’s all show up on February 25 to the public hearing at 5:00 PM at the Parks Committee meeting, to tell them all how much we all support this bill.  Get friends to show up too. 
IndyStar quotes Timothy Maguire:
Channel 13 (with video) interviews Chris Spangle, with FOP support:
To read a full version of the proposal as introduced, visit:

Ed Coleman welcomes all help for his 2011 re-election campaign. Feel free to check him out here:

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