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The Libertarian Party of Marion County Calls on IMPD Chief Rick Hite and Prosecutor Terry Curry to Protect Religious Freedom for All


Indianapolis, IN – In an apparent effort to intimidate and coerce the free expression of religion, Marion County Prosecutor Terry Curry, along with IMPD Chief Rick Hite and other city officials held a press conference on Friday June 26th. During the course of that press conference, Curry and Hite made it clear that those attending the inaugural service at the First Church of Cannabis, scheduled on July 1st, would face criminal charges and possible arrest. Chief Hite went so far as to compare the first Church of Cannabis and their leader, Bill Levin to mass murder Jim Jones and the People’s Temple.

The Libertarian Party of Marion County sees this as a direct attack on the inalienable rights numerated in the First Amendment to the United States Constitution. An individual’s belief or disbelief in Deity is no business of the State of Indiana or the City of Indianapolis. The consumption of cannabis as a religious sacrament poses no threat to public safety and therefore, the state has no compelling reason to interfere with this, or any peaceful assembly of worshippers. Arrest, citation, harassment or intimidation of any persons peaceably assembled at the First Church of Cannabis will be regarded as an attack on the individual liberties guaranteed by the U. S. Constitution.

The Libertarian Party of Marion County encourages Chief Hite to apologize for his outlandish and insensitive comparison of the first Church of Cannabis to the dark tragedy of the People’s Temple. We call on the law enforcement community throughout Indiana to abide by the Constitution which they have taken an oath to uphold. Most importantly, we call on the good people of Indiana to assemble in the spirit of Liberty to protect the rights of the First Church of Cannabis and any other religious body facing persecution from the overreach of the state.

Libertarian Party of Marion County Urges Passage of HB 1008

Indianapolis, IN – Due to the bill’s effort to remove the straight-party device atop the Indiana voter’s ballot, the Libertarian Party of Marion County supports Indiana House Bill (HB) 1008 and asks that you do the same.

After examining voter turnout in Indiana’s 2014 midterm election, the United States Election Project claims that Hoosiers had the lowest turnout of any state in the nation. By the Marion County Election Board’s own figures, voter turnout among registered voters came to less than 25%, a disappointing outcome, considering the large number of races featured on ballots throughout Marion County.

“It’s telling that of eleven states offering a straight-ticket voting option, a majority find themselves near the bottom of states in terms of voter turnout in recent elections,” stated Chris Mayo, Chairman of the Libertarian Party of Marion County. “On the other hand, the states that led the nation in voter turnout did not offer a straight-party voting option on their ballots.”

In a recent Senate Election Committee hearing, proponents of the straight-party voting repeatedly suggested that eliminating straight-party voting would prove “too difficult” for the average voter. Libertarians say they have more faith in their fellow Hoosiers.

With the order of the ballot as it stands, voters choosing the straight-party voting option often overlook the numerous non-partisan races that can be found found near the bottom of the ballot.

House Bill 1008 would eliminate the straight-party option, encouraging voters to identify the candidates competing in every race listed on their ballot. Members of the Indiana Senate Election Committee will hold a hearing on the measure Monday, March 30, and Libertarians request your contact in support to the committee’s members.

The Libertarian Party of Marion County is Indianapolis’ third largest party, and the only one advocating for smaller government, lower taxes, and more freedom. More information about Marion County Libertarians can be found at

The Constitution: It Isn’t That They Can’t Read It, It’s That They Don’t Care!

Do you think the highest laws of the land should be followed? Do you believe in the U.S. Constitution and believe it should be respected and enforced?  Well, tough noogies because you are pretty much outnumbered by people who are ‘buffet style Constitutionalists’ who only pick and choose the parts they want enforced and, even worse, people who just flat don’t care what it says.

You can scream at people, especially the far left radicals, all you want that they need to, “read the Constitution!”.  You’re mistake here is that (a) you think they haven’t and (b) that they care what it says anyway.

I had a brief, but frightening conversation (summary in ‘vent form’ below) with someone claiming to be some kind of campaign manager for somebody in the Central Indiana area last evening.  And, ultimately, my takeaway from it was this person is jealous of ambitious people, hates corporations, doesn’t care one bit what the highest laws of our land really say and thinks that ‘majority rules’ is the best way to force oppression, tyranny and personal opinions on everyone.

Let me say this again.  THEY DO NOT CARE WHAT THE CONSTITUTION SAYS!  All they care about is getting more than 50% of the people voting for them so they can impose whatever they want, regardless of our founding documents and principles, on everyone else.  And if you are in the 49.99% or lower you can just take it because this is how they will get revenge on everyone they hate.  They don’t care what it says because they disagree with it.

As I noted at the end of my Facebook rant, “Seriously, if you think 51% doing whatever they want to the other 49% is moral and legitimate that just makes you a bully willing to oppress any minority that disagrees with you.”

Below is from My Facebook Post (and yes, I understand military and interest and some other things aren’t include – but try and get the point):
Feeling the need to vent: I was verbally accosted earlier by a ridiculously know-nothing, unambitious, young, whackjob, liberal smartass whose arguments against reducing the level of theft against the citizenry, sound money and all things related to economic freedom basically amounted to saying “Roads and infrastructure, schools and Wal-Mart.” … Okay, fine, out of everything the Federal Government takes from us 3% of it goes to roads and infrastructure and 1% goes to education … and I could honestly not care less about one (Wal-Mart) corporation out of many tens of thousands. Don’t like them? Don’t shop there.
So, give me the other 96% back, keep your roads and your centrally dictated education bureaucracy. I promise to continue not caring who gets married, what you smoke or endorse the bombing of civilians overseas or unwarranted meddling in other nation’s internal affairs. Seems like a fair trade off. I’ll come back for the other 4% (just like they try and keep coming for the remaining 50%) eventually.
Of course, when they start the conversation with a childishly mocking “Oh, I bet you think we should have the gold standard. hah hah” … My reaction to pompous, know-nothing, unambitious, holier-than-thou ‘we’ll do whatever we want to you because majority rules’ jerks is increasingly visceral. Seriously, if you think 51% doing whatever they want to the other 49% is moral and legitimate that just makes you a bully willing to oppress any minority that disagrees with you.


A public service to armed robbers everywhere. I don’t feel safe at these places that ban guns, unless they have a full time armed security guard.

Tatgenhorst for Indiana Secretary of State – Libertarian

My Blood Type

Libertarian Party of Marion County Asks City of Lawrence to Return Their Military Vehicle

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Three Indianapolis Residents Chosen for Leadership Roles on the Libertarian National Committee

Tuesday, July 1, 2014


(Columbus, Ohio)  The Libertarian Party held their biennial National Convention June 26th-29th in Columbus, Ohio.  Once again, the strength of the Libertarian Party of Indiana and the Libertarian Party of Marion County were apparent.  Perhaps the most notable display of strength was the election of three Marion County residents to various positions on the Libertarian National Committee (LNC).

Sam Goldstein and Evan McMahon were both elected to serve two-year terms as at-large members of the LNC.  Brett Bittner was elected to be an Alternate Regional Representative for LNC Region 3, which covers the states of Indiana, Ohio, Kentucky, and Michigan.  Goldstein was also tapped to chair the LNC’s IT Committee.

The Libertarian National Committee is the governing body of the Libertarian Party.  The body consists of four officers and five at-large members.  There are also eight regional representatives which participate in the LNC.

McMahon, who also serves as the Executive Director of the Libertarian National Campaign Committee, is joining the LNC for the first time.  “My goal is to be a strong and experienced voice as I advocate for candidates,” he stated. “I will work tirelessly to get Libertarian candidates and elected officials the support and resources they need to be successful.”

Goldstein is changing roles within the LNC.  Most recently he served as the Region 3 Representative to the organization, but is now taking on the at-large role.  The biggest change for Goldstein, though, is his new role as Chair of the IT Committee, where he has already set lofty goals.  “As the Chair of the IT Committee I plan to proceed with a total update of the LP’s IT platform over the next 2 years so that it is useful and user friendly for both LNC Staff and our state affiliates.”

Brett Bittner, who is a newer resident to the Hoosier State after serving the Georgia LP as their Executive Director and as an elected office holder, says he is, “honored to serve the Libertarians of my new home state , as well as our fellow Region 3 states of Ohio, Michigan, and Kentucky.” He went on to say, “I look forward to the term and what we can accomplish these next two years.”

The Libertarian Party of Marion County is very pleased to be so well represented in the leadership of our national party.

Has Anyone Seen This Indiana Pacer Player?

This well-liked, popular NBA player has been missing since around February of 2014 where he disappeared during the NBA All-Star Break.  If found please contact Frank or Larry at (317) 917-2500.

Bosma Uses Fuzzy Math to Blame HJR-3 Committee Shift on Another Representative

Photo from

Speaker Bosma apparently doesn’t realize how the process of counting works.

We all know what shenanigans he pulled in switching up committees on HJR-3 so that he could get it through committee, even though the original committee he assigned it do didn’t have enough votes.  Those shenanigans were all the doings of Bosma.  Sure, there might have been some behind the scenes influence that encouraged him down that path.  When it came down to actually making the committee move, though…yep…that was all Bosma.

And you are going to LOVE how he chose to pass the blame.

It’s Not MY Fault…It’s HIS fault!!!

The Fort Wayne Journal-Gazette reported late Friday that the Speaker had been busy pointing fingers at another representative as the cause of him being “forced” to change HJR-3’s committee assignment.  According to them, Bosma placed the blame on Representative Dan Leonard, another Republican out of Huntington.
Check out this asinine quote they got from the Speaker:

My goal has from the start been to have this come to the floor because as I’ve said I don’t think one person should be making this decision on behalf of all 100 members and that’s what we were down to in the Judiciary committee.  One person making the decision and taking away the opportunity for every member here to cast their vote, whether it’s yes or no.

You see, Leonard refused to come out and say how he was going to vote on the measure.  Somehow, in Bosma’s world of fuzzy math, that means that Leonard was the sole vote on the topic.

You get that?  Bosma said one person shouldn’t be making the decision for the entire House.  Leonard was a swing vote, and he hadn’t announced his voting intentions.  So Bosma relates that to him being the sole decision maker for the entire Legislature.

Ummmm…that only works if Leonard is a committee of ONE, Mr. Speaker.  The fact you’re ignoring is that if he would have voted against the bill, he would have been only one of SEVEN votes against it.  He would hardly be making the decision on his own. Yet, somehow, in Speaker Bosma’s little land of make-believe, just because you don’t announce your vote somehow makes you the only vote being cast.

The reality is, and we all know it, that Bosma refused to let this bill die as it could have in that committee.  So the Speaker, of his own free will and accord, moved the bill to a committee that he knew it would sail through.

Do you REALLY think we don’t know what you did, Mr. Speaker?  Do you REALLY think that we believe that you thought one man was making the decision for everybody?  Guess what?  We don’t buy it.

You the Speaker of the House, for cryin’ out loud.  Have some accountability.  When you make the call, take the blame for making the call.  Don’t try to say this was because of someone else.  You’ve found a way to make your pathetic move even more shameful.   And that was a hard hurdle to jump.

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