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No State Fair Train This Year? Boooo!!!

The Indiana State Fair Train is a pretty neat concept.

Netflix has NOT Formed Pro-SOPA PAC

Several stories began to hit the news over the last 48 hours that DVD-mailing and TV/Movie streaming service Netflix has created a new PAC to support the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA).

Broad Ripple Parking Garage Gets a Few More Days

Indianapolis Business Journal is reporting that the request by the Broad Ripple parking garage developers is going to get a few more days before a decision will be made in its request for a zoning waiver to allow the garage to be built four feet below flood level.
The garage has met with a slew of controversy since its introduction.

Abdul Attacks Ogden

I’m just not sure what is going on with journalist, blogger, and former radio personality Abdul-Hakim Shabazz lately.

Governor Daniels Also Nonchalant About Misplaced Half-Billion Dollars

The other day I wrote about how I found it disturbing that Abdul-Hakim Shabazz seemed rather dismissive about the importance of the state finding what now totals to be over $500 million in just a few months.

First Detailed Numbers Released on Super Bowl Costs

Shortly after the Super Bowl, I wrote about the possibility for Indianapolis to get an ROI on their hosting of Super Bowl XVI.

5 Reasons to Believe 2012 is Going to be a Big Year for Libertarians

Libertarians have been around long enough to have had good years and bad years.

City Waiting for More Riders in Dangerous Bike Lanes

The Star’s Jon Murray has an article this morning on the miles and miles of new bike lanes the city has created.

“You may have heard the grumbles throughout winter as Indianapolis drivers navigated around slivers of streets marked off for miles and miles with freshly painted bike lanes. And, often, not a bicyclist in sight.

“As prime cycling weather takes hold –and as motorists grapple with what the sometimes-confusing markings and sympointbols all mean –now comes the test for the city’s newly expanded 64-mile network of on-street bikeways: Will bicyclists start using them?”

I wouldn’t count on it. Most cyclists I’ve spoken with are planning on avoiding the routes. The term “death trap” has often been used to describe the new paths. As the Star article points out, the paths are confusing, especially to motorists. That confusion is bound to increased car vs. bicycle police reports being completed.

Read the whole article here:

Now that it has built the bike lanes, the city is waiting for the riders to come | Indianapolis Star |

Abdul Resorts to a Complete Spin Approach to Half a Billion Dollars in Lost Money

I’m not naive.

We Are Libertarians – 005: The SCOTUS: Judicial Activism or Limiting Government?

The guys discuss the President’s recent comment on the the Supreme Court, which leads to a discussion/argument on whether the Supreme Court is limiting the powers of the other two branches, or legislating from the bench prematurely. President Obama attacks Supreme Court on Health Care – YouTube, Blog: Only One President Has Ever Ignored […]

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