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Tully: Rupert a Welcome Voice in Gubernatorial Chase

The Indy Star’s Matthew Tully today wrote an interesting piece on Rupert Boneham. He makes the point that, although Rupert may not have millions in his warchest, he is a legitimate candidate and is the only one talking real issues right now.

Matthew Tully: Rupert Boneham plans to win governor’s seat | Indianapolis Star |

Calm in the Face of Danger: Out of Control Government Agent Accosts Young Men

These young men do a great job staying calm and being respectful in the face of an out-of-control agent of the government who threatens and accosts them, and apparently illegally confined them, without cause.

We Are Libertarians – 004: How to fix health care and Professorial bias in college

Chris, Creighton, and Chris discuss healthcare solutions in the wake of oral arguments in the Obamacare case currently in front of the SCOTUS. The guys also discuss what it means to be a libertarian college student on a campus filled with liberal professors. Show Notes: Jeffrey Toobin, The Nine: Cato Institute Event, What Government-Run Health […]

We Are Libertarians – 003: Ryan’s Budget, Obamacare and the Courts, Fully Informed Juries

Chris, Creighton, and Chris tackle Paul Ryan and Rand Paul’s budgets, Obamacare’s future in the SCOTUS, and what is a fully informed jury?

LPIN Podcast Season 2 – 005: Abdul-Hakim Shabazz Discusses State Politcs and Gives Advice to LPIN Candidates

Abdul-Hakim Shabazz joins the podcast to discuss the recent legslative session and gives advice to LPIN candidates from a political commentator’s perspective. Shabazz is the former host of Abdul in the Morning on WXNT and now is the editor of Shabazz also discusses his upcoming role as the moderator of the LPIN Presidential debate […]

We Are Libertarians – 002: Paul vs. Johnson, Civil Liberties, Vote Fraud

This week, we discuss Paul vs. Johnson, Civil Liberties, Jesse Benton and Vote Fraud. We also update you on upcoming events. Creighton is out on spring break, so Jeremiah Hodgkin sits in on the past.

We Are Libertarians – 001: Introduction, Super Tuesday, Iran and Israel

We Are Libertarians is a weekly podcast for millennial Libertarians! Podcast RSS: Interact with us at, which takes you to our facebook page. Description: A new generation of libertarians are starting to wake up. We Are Libertarians is a podcast for the politically active under 30. We will discuss current events, the libertarian movement, […]

LPIN Podcast Season 2 – 004: Mike Kole Goes to the Supreme Court

Former Hamilton County chairman Mike Kole recently was the plaintiff in a lawsuit filed against Fishers, IN. The lawsuit is currently being considered by the Indiana Supreme Court. Mike discusses what the lawsuit is about and describes the experience of having a case move through the Supreme Court.  Learn more at his blog: Listen here.

Writing In Ron Paul’s Name Would Be a Wasted Vote.

There are a lot of Ron Paul supporters out there who are saying that they will “write in” Ron’s name in the general election if he is not the GOP candidate.

Most Republican Voters: Well Meaning Hypocrites? Santorum, Romney and Ron Paul.

Are most Republican voters well meaning hypocrites or just useful tools? That’s a brutally honest question and here is why I ask it.

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