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Is Economic Freedom in America on the Wane?

Great (and short) video discussing some chilling facts about the decline of economic freedom in the United States and the connection between economic freedom, economic growth and our standard of living.

Dear Republican Party Regarding The 2012 Presidential Election

Indianapolis Resident Running for National Libertarian Party Chair

Mark RutherfordIndianapolis resident and attorney Mark Rutherford yesterday announced he is going to be seeking the position of National Chair for the Libertarian Party.

Potential Measles Threat from Friday at Super Bowl Village

WISH TV has just issued a breaking news story that at least one person confirmed to have measles is believed to have attended Super Bowl festivities on Friday night.

We Just May Get an ROI on This Super Bowl, After All

Thursday night at the CircleWow, Indianapolis.

Rupert is on the Fast Track to Typical Libertarian 5%

I like Rupert Boneham. I like him as a person and I like him as a candidate.

As a person, Rupert is genuine and cordial.

"The End of Liberty" Movie

This (slightly more than an) hour long video is excellent and well worth watching. It makes some excellent points and, fascinatingly to me, my home state of Indiana gets mentioned twice as being a place where laws are getting out of control. One mention regarded the requirement to show ID to buy alcohol no matter one’s apparent age, the other mention was slightly more ominous.


A self-centered person, usually male, who compensates for an inferiority complex by promoting an air of superiority in the belittlement and condemnation of others while employing an arrogant, showy peacock-like behavior that attempts to impress those around them with false bravado, pretentiousness and material possessions.Uncomfortable with his less than impressive penis, the owner of the cab company became a real beauchamp treating his male and female love interests with arrogant condescension and laughable attempts at sophistication. Scott had money, however, it was not enough to keep his partners from seeking affection and sexual gratification in the arms of their other lovers.

Rand Paul Detained at Nashville Airport

Straight out of the book “1984” – “TSA says Sen. Paul was *not* detained but was escorted out of security area for targeted screening.” – Jamie Dupree

Liberty Political Systems Announces the Advanced PAULBOT 2012!

Liberty Political Systems of America has announced it’s latest amazing piece of engineering. The Paulbot 2012.

The “Paulbot” has an advanced operating system that replaces the old “Garbage In / Garbage Out” (GIGO) problem of information processing with an advanced “Knowledge In / Liberty Out” (KILO) software system. It is a much more advanced system as the ‘Bot is specifically programmed to question and analyze all data fed into it rather than to just accept that data which leads to incorrect answer formulation. The ‘Bot also seeks to maximize its operating environment with special Anti-Tyranny, Anti-Central Planning and Advanced Freedom sub-routines.

The Paulbot can have trouble interfacing with other company’s products because the Paulbot has Advanced Foreign Policy Subroutines that require a very large database. This can cause buffer overflow and seg-fault in most other company’s ‘bots. Those ‘bots can generally only database events back to 2001 or sometimes 1979 whereas the Paulbot has massive capacity allowing its special Middle East database tables to be indexed back to at least 1953 and in many cases the 1920s or earlier.

The Paulbot is economic too. Advanced cost reduction processes allow LPS to provide the Paulbot at a lower cost than any of the other, less advanced, political ‘bots.

Gubernatorial Candidate Rupert Boneham Announces Birthday Money Bomb

Libertarian Gubernatorial candidate Rupert Boneham has announced plans for a money bomb style fundraiser.

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