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Red Line Transit Plan Opposed by Libertarian Party of Marion County

The Libertarian Party of Marion County is disappointed in the waste of finances and resources in Prop 145 the City-County Council recently took steps toward approving. The first leg of the project, which has an estimated cost of $96.3 million, covers only 13.6 miles of the 37.5 mile total project, which also requires the creation of dedicated bus lanes. Congress has yet to approve the $75 million grant the city is counting on, and the citizens are going to be asked to pay a higher income tax to subsidize the remainder.

Chris Mayo, chairman of the LPMC, said he is especially disappointed that the council has taken steps to avoid accountability for the project. “Our City-County Council is offering an expensive, counterproductive solution to a problem that doesn’t exist,” he said. “They’re offering it to the voter as a referendum so that, when it passes, our elected officials won’t have to be held accountable when it fails.”

According to the Census Bureau, only 2.5% of Indianapolis is without a car, yet all residents of the city will be asked to foot the bill. “Many of the roads into the city are in deplorable condition,” said Mayo. “Why don’t we use a fraction of those funds to make Southeastern Avenue safe, for example? We should be looking for cost-effective ways to alleviate congestion, not expensive, impractical ways to add to it.”

Mayo also expressed disappointment in the lack of details being provided about the project. “At this juncture, we don’t know how much this venture will add to congestion, what it will do to homes and businesses along the route, or if it’s even the most effective route to take through the city. Citizens should have all the information available before they step into the voting booth in November.”

Finishing his statement, Mayo added that we should seek methods to truly help the workers that rely on IndyGo. “There are a lot of other more effective and practical ways to improve commuting for Indy’s workforce without pouring millions of dollars into an ill-advised, grandiose bus route that benefits contractors more than it does taxpayers.”

Libertarian Party of Marion County Urges Passage of HB 1008

Indianapolis, IN – Due to the bill’s effort to remove the straight-party device atop the Indiana voter’s ballot, the Libertarian Party of Marion County supports Indiana House Bill (HB) 1008 and asks that you do the same.

After examining voter turnout in Indiana’s 2014 midterm election, the United States Election Project claims that Hoosiers had the lowest turnout of any state in the nation. By the Marion County Election Board’s own figures, voter turnout among registered voters came to less than 25%, a disappointing outcome, considering the large number of races featured on ballots throughout Marion County.

“It’s telling that of eleven states offering a straight-ticket voting option, a majority find themselves near the bottom of states in terms of voter turnout in recent elections,” stated Chris Mayo, Chairman of the Libertarian Party of Marion County. “On the other hand, the states that led the nation in voter turnout did not offer a straight-party voting option on their ballots.”

In a recent Senate Election Committee hearing, proponents of the straight-party voting repeatedly suggested that eliminating straight-party voting would prove “too difficult” for the average voter. Libertarians say they have more faith in their fellow Hoosiers.

With the order of the ballot as it stands, voters choosing the straight-party voting option often overlook the numerous non-partisan races that can be found found near the bottom of the ballot.

House Bill 1008 would eliminate the straight-party option, encouraging voters to identify the candidates competing in every race listed on their ballot. Members of the Indiana Senate Election Committee will hold a hearing on the measure Monday, March 30, and Libertarians request your contact in support to the committee’s members.

The Libertarian Party of Marion County is Indianapolis’ third largest party, and the only one advocating for smaller government, lower taxes, and more freedom. More information about Marion County Libertarians can be found at