2010 Candidates

Our Central Indiana candidates nominated for State-level offices:

United States Senate: Rebecca Sink-Burris

Congressional House District 4: John Duncan

Congressional House District 5: Chard Reid

Congressional House District 7: Dav Wilson

Secretary of State: Mike Wherry

State Auditor: Eric Knipe

State Senate District 31: Benjamin Hale

State House District 87: Joe Hauptmann

State House District 90: Kevin Vail

State House District 91: Matt Amormino

State House District 92: Jason Sipe

State House District 93: Kent Raquet

State House District 94: Mike Smythe

State House District 99: John Meuser

State House District 100: Paul Dijak-Robinson

Our nominated candidates for County and Township races:

Joell Palmer, Marion County Auditor

Mike Bishop, Pike Township Constable

Chris Ward, Lawrence Township Constable

Drew Bisson, Wayne Township Trustee

Christopher Bowen, Lawrence Township Trustee

Zachary Capehart, Center Township Trustee

Richard Cunningham, Washington Township Trustee

Jon Henderson, Perry Township Trustee

Erik Morris, Pike Township Trustee

Jared Wales, Decatur Township Trustee

Terrie Cloud, Franklin Township Trustee

Josh Featherstone, Warren Township Trustee