Libertarian Party of Indiana Nominates 2010 Candidates

Libertarian Party of Indiana Nominates 2010 Candidates

The Libertarian Party of Indiana held its annual convention in Indianapolis this past weekend, April 23, 24 and 25. The Libertarian Party of Indiana selected its candidates for federal and state seats. Being Indiana’s only third-party, the LPIN does not participate in the primary system. It holds nominating conventions to elect candidates.

The convention selected Mike Wherry for Secretary of State. Wherry is a Greenfield resident, Naval officer, and patent attorney. The Secretary of State race is significant because the LPIN will achieve automatic ballot access for four years by winning two percent in the general election. For more information, visit Hendricks County resident Eric Knipe was selected as the party’s nominee for State Auditor.

Rebecca Sink-Burris was nominated by the delegates for United States Senate. Sink-Burris is a Monroe County resident and a life-long teacher. She challenged Evan Bayh in his first bid for United States Senate, and was the party’s candidate for Secretary of State candidate in 2002. For more information, visit

The delegates also nominated candidates for all nine Federal House seats for the first time in many years:

US House, Dist. 1: Jon Morris

US House, Dist. 2: Mark Vogel

US House, Dist. 3: Scott Wise

US House, Dist. 4: John Duncan

US House, Dist. 5: Chard Reid

US House, Dist. 6: T.J. Thomson

US House, Dist. 7: David Ezell

US House, Dist. 8: John Cunningham

US House, Dist. 9: Greg Knott

Three State Senate candidates and 22 State Representative candidates were selected, as well as delegates for the Libertarian National Convention in St. Louis, Missouri, later this year. For a full listing of candidates, please visit

The Libertarian Party of Indiana state convention boasted the largest attendance of any other LP state party in the nation. Many speakers asserted that the country’s increasing problems and rising dissatisfaction with government should make voters more receptive to Libertarian values of limited government and personal responsibility.

The convention also witnessed a lively debate among Libertarian National Chairman candidates.

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