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That is all. Just do it. Educate yourself on your options and VOTE!

LPIN Podcast Season 2 – 016: Judge Jim Gray

LP Vice Presidential Candidate Judge Jim Gray speaks to the LPIN podcast.

LPIN Podcast Season 2 – 015: Local Bloggers Jon Easter and Paul Ogden Discuss Libertarians, Blogging, and Civility

Local Bloggers Jon Easter (Indy Democrat) and Paul Ogden (Ogden on Politics) discuss Libertarians, blogging, and civility in politics. They explain what they like about Libertarians, where they can grow, how we all can work together, what blogs they follow, and how to write a local political blog.

We Are Libertarians – 025: Sandy, Charity, Abortion, and Tuesday

The guys discuss Sandy, private charity and FEMA, Mourdock’s abortion comments, and other election related issues.

LPIN Podcast Season 2 – 015: New County Chairs

Paul Gable of Shelby County and Travis Weik of Henry County describe what it is like to start a county party, and what Rupert’s campaign has done for the Libertarian Party of Indiana.

LPIN Podcast Season 2 – 014: Jeremiah Morrell for House District 54

Jeremiah Morrell, House District 54, on his run for office.

Can Mourdock Survive?

The simple answer is no.

By now you’ve heard the quote, probably many, many times, from Richard Mourdock last night about pregnancies from rape. A gaffe? Perhaps. A career killer? Maybe. A campaign ender? Almost definitely.

This comment might have not had an incredible impact on the outcome of the election if it had happened a couple months ago. Even horrible statements have a tendency to be mostly forgotten by the voting masses if there’s enough time for them to fade.

For Mourdock’s statement, though, that’s simply not the case. There’s now just 13 days before the election. There’s no way the voters are going to be forgetting about this one. Even IF they could, there’s even less of a chance that Donnelly and the Democrats would let them.

Not that I think the voters should forget it.

99, 97, 47 Hike: Painting By Numbers

I’m part of the 99% who doesn’t hate the 1% and actually aspires to join them someday.

LPIN Podcast Season 2 – 013: Chard Reid for Congressional District 5

Char Reid reflects on his two campaigns. He discusses how he handles debates, why he’s aggressive towards his opponents, and why so many tea partiers support him over his Republican opponents.

Gary Johnson to Return to the Hoosier State

Libertarian Party of Indiana Executive Director Chris Spangle confirmed on Facebook this afternoon that Gary Johnson will be returning to Indiana.

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