Need some RSS Feeds and Podcasts?

A friend recently asked for my .OPML of podcasts and RSS feeds. I scroll through a ton of material to feed several beasts, and have collected, weeded, and sorted a system of RSS feeds that work for me. I figured I’d share them here in case anyone is interested.


Podcasts – About 200 of my favorites. I use Downcast as my app. –
Tailored RSS Feeds – What I consider the essentials (around 500). I read these with Feedbin. On the iPad I use Mr. Reader. On the Mac, I use Readkit. –
Mega RSS Feeds – This is YEARS of collecting feeds, and it is unkempt. It’s about 3800 feeds. I enjoy the broad view it gives, and I look through them on Feedly. –

If you put these in and have to spend three hours undoing what you did, I am not responsible. LOL

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