Bosma Uses Fuzzy Math to Blame HJR-3 Committee Shift on Another Representative

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Speaker Bosma apparently doesn’t realize how the process of counting works.

We all know what shenanigans he pulled in switching up committees on HJR-3 so that he could get it through committee, even though the original committee he assigned it do didn’t have enough votes.  Those shenanigans were all the doings of Bosma.  Sure, there might have been some behind the scenes influence that encouraged him down that path.  When it came down to actually making the committee move, though…yep…that was all Bosma.

And you are going to LOVE how he chose to pass the blame.

It’s Not MY Fault…It’s HIS fault!!!

The Fort Wayne Journal-Gazette reported late Friday that the Speaker had been busy pointing fingers at another representative as the cause of him being “forced” to change HJR-3’s committee assignment.  According to them, Bosma placed the blame on Representative Dan Leonard, another Republican out of Huntington.
Check out this asinine quote they got from the Speaker:

My goal has from the start been to have this come to the floor because as I’ve said I don’t think one person should be making this decision on behalf of all 100 members and that’s what we were down to in the Judiciary committee.  One person making the decision and taking away the opportunity for every member here to cast their vote, whether it’s yes or no.

You see, Leonard refused to come out and say how he was going to vote on the measure.  Somehow, in Bosma’s world of fuzzy math, that means that Leonard was the sole vote on the topic.

You get that?  Bosma said one person shouldn’t be making the decision for the entire House.  Leonard was a swing vote, and he hadn’t announced his voting intentions.  So Bosma relates that to him being the sole decision maker for the entire Legislature.

Ummmm…that only works if Leonard is a committee of ONE, Mr. Speaker.  The fact you’re ignoring is that if he would have voted against the bill, he would have been only one of SEVEN votes against it.  He would hardly be making the decision on his own. Yet, somehow, in Speaker Bosma’s little land of make-believe, just because you don’t announce your vote somehow makes you the only vote being cast.

The reality is, and we all know it, that Bosma refused to let this bill die as it could have in that committee.  So the Speaker, of his own free will and accord, moved the bill to a committee that he knew it would sail through.

Do you REALLY think we don’t know what you did, Mr. Speaker?  Do you REALLY think that we believe that you thought one man was making the decision for everybody?  Guess what?  We don’t buy it.

You the Speaker of the House, for cryin’ out loud.  Have some accountability.  When you make the call, take the blame for making the call.  Don’t try to say this was because of someone else.  You’ve found a way to make your pathetic move even more shameful.   And that was a hard hurdle to jump.

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