Libertarian Party of Marion County Asks City of Lawrence to Return Their Military Vehicle

Libertarian Party of Marion County Statement on SB 621


Wednesday, July 2, 2014

(Lawrence, Indiana)  The Libertarian Party of Marion County is requesting the City of Lawrence to return the military vehicle recently acquired by their police department.

The MRAP (mine resistant ambush protected vehicle) weighs in at 48,000 pounds and is 12 feet high.  It was given to the police department after being used in wartime situations by the U.S. military.

“This is a war machine that has no place on our city streets,” said Josh Featherstone, vice-chair of the Libertarian Party of Marion County.  He continued, “the ongoing militarization of our police force does not create a feeling of safety in our households.  Militarized police in our neighborhoods create fear.”

Featherstone went on to say that the name of the vehicle alone, mine resistant ambush protected vehicle, is an indication that the vehicle is designed for situations that simply are not going to happen in Lawrence or Marion County.  He expressed concern that the police is defending the acquisition of the MRAP through fearmongering, saying it will be used in mass shooter situations and other events that are an extremely low likelihood.

“We all want to be safe in our neighborhoods,” Featherstone said, “including our police force.  We support them having the tools they need to protect and serve us, but this atrocity is far beyond any realistic police need and should be returned to the military where it belongs.”

The LPMC is also disappointed that the Lawrence Police Department would lie to the citizens about the tax-free cost of the vehicle.  While private donors may have been used thus far for lights and labor on the vehicle, this vehicle was originally built with tax dollars and will require continued taxpayer expense to staff, maintain, and operate.

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