Libertarian Party of Marion County Calls for City-County Council to Immediately Pass a Requirement for Body Cameras and Dashboard Cameras for All Members of Local Law Enforcement

Indianapolis, IN – In light of the tragedy of recent events, the Libertarian Party of Marion County (LPMC) is calling for the City-County Council to immediately revisit the placing of body cameras on all members of local law enforcement. We support the safety of both our citizens and those charged with protecting us. This will be an essential step in shielding both.

Chris Mayo, chairman of the LPMC, stated that members of the Party, “believe it’s in the best interest of both our public servants and our community to record any and all interactions between citizens and law enforcement officials.” He continued by stating that such recordings should be a requirement for our law enforcement officials and not an idea or practice that is discouraged.

“It should be obvious to lawmakers that an emphasis on increased transparency over our law enforcement agencies ought to take priority over militarizing public servants,” said Mayo. “Not only would mandatory recording equipment provide the public with warranted transparency over our public servants, it would also facilitate the investigation and provide the answers that everyone is entitled to.”

The conflicting stories in the death of teenager Andre Green once again bring the immediate need for this equipment far too close to home. The Libertarian Party of Marion County is calling for all members of IMPD and the Marion County Sheriff’s Department to be required to wear body cameras at all times while on-duty and to have all vehicles outfitted with dashboard and other cameras.

The City-County Council needs to revisit this issue immediately. Budgetary funding for this project should be provided, not through increased burden on the taxpayers, but by the elimination of frivolous spending the Council would otherwise be committed to.

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