Ron Paul Prepares To Enter 2012 Presidential Race

As the liberty rumor mill heats up this evening over the prospect that Texas Congressman Ron Paul is preparing to announce the formation of his 2012 presidential exploratory committee the headline on Drudge seeming to indicate the eve of welcome news.

In 2008 Ron Paul, who had difficulty getting respect from the mainstream political and media establishments as well as traction in his campaign, tried desperately to educate and warn the country about the dangers of loose monetary policy and expensive, budget-busting overseas militarism. The establishment “know-it-alls” and the conservative talking head puppets that everyone likes to just parrot instead of thinking for themselves tried the damndest to discredit him; but, increasingly Ron’s predictions and warnings turned out to be spot on.

Ron tried to tell us that we could face a future monetary crisis, a devaluation of the dollar and a loss of credibility worldwide for not only the United States itself, but for what has been until recently the undisputed reserve currency of the world. Ron has railed against the growing nanny and police state. Ron had predicted the challenges that Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac would face and tried to get the attention of Congress on the likely failure of those government sponsored entities. He told us gold and silver, now at or near all-time highs, were good stores of value and that we faced a massive rise in inflation and commodity prices as a result of Federal Reserve Policy.

Even Ron’s economic advisor in 2008, Peter Schiff had been laughed off of television shows when he had previously predicted the collapse of the mortgage market. I think only Ben Stein has since apologized to Peter, who is now much more respected than he was in 2007 or 2008 and even made a run for the Connecticut Republican nomination for U.S. Senate in 2010. To illustrate the problem people with a clue have in getting elected, Schiff, who saw our entire mess coming, tried to warn us and who has strong free market, pro-freedom credibility couldn’t get the Republican Party’s nomination. That doesn’t give me much confidence in the Republican Party’s ability to save our country; but, how the party faithful react to people like Ron Paul and Gary Johnson in 2011 and 2012 will tell us a lot about whether we can have hope or not.

So, how fitting is it that as the Drudge Report headline of “Ron Paul: He’s In!” hit the Internet this evening that the surrounding headlines read, at least momentarily…

“Dollar’s Decline Speeds Up”

“China planning to cut U.S. Reserves by two-thirds?”

“Gold and silver continue to surge. . .”

“Military patrols start in downtown Columbus, GA. . .”

“IMF: Age of America Nears End. . .”

“Gas prices rise for 34th straight day…”

Add to those headlines that despite all of the talk of “Hope and Change” in 2008 we still have troops in Afghanistan, we’re still sending drones into Pakistan, still have special units and contractors in Iraq, but now we’ve added Libya to the mix of countries we’re overtly bombing or meddling in.

As I’ve written before, Conservatives like to talk a big game about the government staying out of people’s lives and wallets. Does it ever occur to them that people in foreign nations want the U.S. Government out of their lives and wallets too? And always remember that it is perfectly okay to love your country and hate your government. Those two things are not mutually exclusive, especially when the government is doing its most incompetent and oppressive best to undermine the country, your countrymen and the high standing we once held in the world.

So, now is the time to lay down the gauntlet. To look every Republican voter right square in the eyes and tell them, “You say you’re for small Constitutional government, low or no taxes, personal responsibility, individual freedom and a government that minds its own business and protects your privacy. You say you want honest, trustworthy politicians.”

“PROVE IT. Support Ron Paul for President in 2012.”

And if they give you some lame excuse about why they can’t. Please ask them to get the hell out of the way because there are some of us out there who really do desire to live free, amongst free people in a free country. The way it is supposed to be. I have my own “contract with America” called The Constitution that says so.

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