The Constitution: It Isn’t That They Can’t Read It, It’s That They Don’t Care!

Do you think the highest laws of the land should be followed? Do you believe in the U.S. Constitution and believe it should be respected and enforced?  Well, tough noogies because you are pretty much outnumbered by people who are ‘buffet style Constitutionalists’ who only pick and choose the parts they want enforced and, even worse, people who just flat don’t care what it says.

You can scream at people, especially the far left radicals, all you want that they need to, “read the Constitution!”.  You’re mistake here is that (a) you think they haven’t and (b) that they care what it says anyway.

I had a brief, but frightening conversation (summary in ‘vent form’ below) with someone claiming to be some kind of campaign manager for somebody in the Central Indiana area last evening.  And, ultimately, my takeaway from it was this person is jealous of ambitious people, hates corporations, doesn’t care one bit what the highest laws of our land really say and thinks that ‘majority rules’ is the best way to force oppression, tyranny and personal opinions on everyone.

Let me say this again.  THEY DO NOT CARE WHAT THE CONSTITUTION SAYS!  All they care about is getting more than 50% of the people voting for them so they can impose whatever they want, regardless of our founding documents and principles, on everyone else.  And if you are in the 49.99% or lower you can just take it because this is how they will get revenge on everyone they hate.  They don’t care what it says because they disagree with it.

As I noted at the end of my Facebook rant, “Seriously, if you think 51% doing whatever they want to the other 49% is moral and legitimate that just makes you a bully willing to oppress any minority that disagrees with you.”

Below is from My Facebook Post (and yes, I understand military and interest and some other things aren’t include – but try and get the point):

Feeling the need to vent: I was verbally accosted earlier by a ridiculously know-nothing, unambitious, young, whackjob, liberal smartass whose arguments against reducing the level of theft against the citizenry, sound money and all things related to economic freedom basically amounted to saying “Roads and infrastructure, schools and Wal-Mart.” … Okay, fine, out of everything the Federal Government takes from us 3% of it goes to roads and infrastructure and 1% goes to education … and I could honestly not care less about one (Wal-Mart) corporation out of many tens of thousands. Don’t like them? Don’t shop there.
So, give me the other 96% back, keep your roads and your centrally dictated education bureaucracy. I promise to continue not caring who gets married, what you smoke or endorse the bombing of civilians overseas or unwarranted meddling in other nation’s internal affairs. Seems like a fair trade off. I’ll come back for the other 4% (just like they try and keep coming for the remaining 50%) eventually.
Of course, when they start the conversation with a childishly mocking “Oh, I bet you think we should have the gold standard. hah hah” … My reaction to pompous, know-nothing, unambitious, holier-than-thou ‘we’ll do whatever we want to you because majority rules’ jerks is increasingly visceral. Seriously, if you think 51% doing whatever they want to the other 49% is moral and legitimate that just makes you a bully willing to oppress any minority that disagrees with you.


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