Democrat Mailers on Libertarians Knott and Vogel Fail to State that They Aren’t Authorized by the Candidates

The last couple of days, the Democrat Party of Indiana has sent direct mass mail pieces to voters claiming that Libertarian Congressional candidates Greg Knott and Mark Vogel are “true” conservatives.I have received photographs of both direct mail pieces, and have failed to see where the Democrat Party of Indiana states whether these mailings have been authorized by the candidates themselves. It is my understanding that public communications concerning a federal candidate must state whether the candidates have authorized the piece or not.If you look at a lot of the negative campaign television commercials out there produced by PAC’s, it will have printed at the end of the television commercial words to the effect of “Paid for by ABC, PAC. Not authorized by any candidate or candidate’s committee”.Click here to read more about disclosure requirements pursuant to federal law.

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