Did You Know?

I meet with Indianapolis City-County Councilor Ed Coleman before every council meeting to discuss the agenda and proposed ordinances. George Edwards, John Meuser and Tim Maguire often join Ed and me too at these meetings.

My political action committee is Atlas Liberty PAC.

Its mission is to provide Libertarian candidates (and parties) at all levels the practical, nuts-and-bolts support necessary to become an effective force in local politics. This is because Atlas Liberty is not a think tank, for its focus transcends ideology, positions and principles to focus on the mechanics and hard work of real politics providing the knowledge and resources our affiliates need to win elections.

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I attended my first Central Committee meeting of the Libertarian Party of Indiana during the summer of 1998. It was possible to know almost every active Libertarian in the state in 1998. Most were on the Central Committee. The activities of the party were limited and mostly centered around the Secretary of State race that year.

In 2011 I meet very active Hoosier Libertarians all the time who I have never met before. In fact, it has become impossible to know about all the Libertarian activities in the state and all of the active Libertarians in the state. The party is now that big!

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