Rutherford’s Atlas Liberty PAC

After the 2006 Libertarian Party national convention, I founded Atlas Liberty PAC along with several friends. It formally started in September 2006.

Its mission is to provide Libertarian candidates (and parties) at all levels the practical, nuts-and-bolts support necessary to become an effective force in local politics. This is because Atlas Liberty is not a think tank, for its focus transcends ideology, positions and principles to focus on the mechanics and hard work of real politics providing the knowledge and resources our affiliates need to win elections.

In November 2010, Atlas Liberty PAC took a big step by naming Evan McMahon to be its Executive Director. Evan has already provided support to several candidates in Nebraska and Indiana, and has worked with volunteers in Ohio.

In the past, Atlas Liberty PAC has provided scholarships for libertarians to attend campaign training programs in Ohio and Washington, D.C. and provided financial support to candidates in Arizona, Texas and Indiana.

You can help by making a contribution to Atlas Liberty by clicking here to help us raise $100,000 in 2011.

Please also take a look at Atlas Liberty PAC on Facebook. Click here to link to Atlas Liberty’s Facebook page.

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