Iranian Government Has No Monopoly On Violence Against Citizens

In considering all of the actions and violence committed against “anti-government protesters” in places like Iran, is it not worth considering whether or not the scenes here are often that much different? At the end of the day, Americans live under a system that steals from them, lies to them, commits fraud, illegally invades other countries, detains people, puts them on lists, sometimes allies itself with dictators and now threatens to make laws at the Federal level that REQUIRE you to buy products from insurance corporations or be threatened with fines and jail time?G20 protesters get assaulted: make a joke and laugh about shooting a peaceful protester (think about a culture where this is promoted as funny and worthy of reward): is always a worthy discussion about new laws where ultimately, the question should be asked … “Are you willing to shoot someone over this?” People chuckle and say, “we’re just talking about a fine or a warning or something minor.” BUT, the ultimate enforcement mechanism of any law, no matter how seemingly innocuous, is that it presents additional opportunities for there to be potential armed aggression against citizens. This puts police officers in the position of not being thought of as “protecting and serving” us, but puts them in adversarial positions with the general public. How many people can say they’ve never been pulled over for something? How many people felt they were posing a clear and present threat of immediate harm to someone else and thereby warranted being detained by someone with a gun, fined and otherwise inconvenienced? Why do we accept this as okay?Think about tax enforcement. Being required, by threat of potential government force being used against you, to pay for sports stadiums, convention centers, transfers of wealth to private entities, for abortions or stem cell research, billions to foreign dictators or paying for research on the mating habits of butterflies. We must again ask… Are we willing to destroy people’s lives, reputations or families? Are we willing to march armed soldiers to their door steps and even shoot them over their objections to this? Yes, even in America, the political elites are willing to do so.And this is why we must always remember that “The Law” is there to protect our life, property and rights. It is not supposed to be used to take away our life, transfer our property to others or reduce, limit or undermine our rights.Live your life as you chose so long as you do no harm to, or violate the rights of, others. There is a foundational principle to live by and one that nobody should have any objection to.

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