Libertarian Party of Marion County nominates candidates, elects local leadership

At the Libertarian Party of Marion County’s 2019 Convention, voting delegates selected candidates for 2019 municipal elections, delegates to the LPIN Convention in March, and elected local Party leadership.

Candidates for 2019 Indianapolis municipal races

Elected Officers and At-Large members

  • Justin Harter was elected as Chair.
  • Mike Iafrato was elected as Vice-Chair.
  • Paul Copeland was re-elected as Secretary.
  • Zach Jones was elected as Treasurer.

Delegates to the LPIN State Convention

In addition to delegates selected by position as officers of the LPIN or LPMC living in Marion County, the following individuals were elected as delegates:

  • Steven Lunsford
  • Allison Maguire
  • Mike Tront
  • Evan McMahon
  • Adam Johnson
  • Paula Barnett
  • Charles Hagerman
  • Kent Williams
  • Bob Kirkpatrick
  • Cindy Kirkpatrick
  • Audrey Lunsford

Additional delegates may be selected in advance of the March LPIN Convention.

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