Libertarian Wayne Root and His Endorsement of Peter Schiff for Senate

Most people in the liberty movement are well aware of Peter Schiff. Peter Schiff is the president of Euro-Pacific Capital and is running to be the Republican nominee for Chris Dodd’s soon to be vacant Senate seat in Connecticut. Peter is frequently found on the cable TV news shows talking about the economy and the mistakes that government is making in their efforts to try and “fix” what government broke. He is a student of Austrian free market economic theory and predicted the big economic meltdown will eerie accuracy.Wayne Root was recently competing to be the National Chairman of the Libertarian Party and ended up settling for a spot on the Libertarian National Committee. Wayne is high energy guy who , during and after his stint as the party’s vice-presidential nominee in 2008, has built up quite a resume of television appearances promoting the Libertarian party and his continuing to mature brand of big-tent libertarianism.This past week a bit of a stink got raised because Wayne Root (Libertarian) sent out an endorsement and fundraising e-mail on behalf of Peter Schiff (Republican). I have to admit that it caused me some pause as I read it and considered the political ramifications and appropriateness of the message; but, as a huge fan of Peter Schiff and someone who wants him to win his race I agreed with Wayne’s motive and intent. I also immediately knew others would use this as another reason to try and heap criticism on Mr. Root. Sure enough, as Libertarians are often want to do, the rock throwing commenced immediately and, I’m sorry, it’s just silly and shows a non-commitment to freedom, sound economics and liberty and makes the rock throwers look like any other kind of partisan party hack.There is no Libertarian candidate vying for the Connecticut Senate seat. And Libertarians (big L and small) should always be interested in having as many great pro-liberty options on the ballot as possible. As a fictional example, who wouldn’t feel great about having to pick between three candidates like Ron Paul, Peter Schiff and Michael Badnarik (or Judge Napolitano, John Stossel, etc…) regardless of the letter after their name on a ballot?? How great would that be? Knowing that whichever candidate won, you’re going to get a libertarian defender of natural rights and the Constitution?A bunch of the rock throwers in this case are publicly on record as having given money to Ron Paul’s Republican presidential campaign. So, if you’re a Libertarian that is going to blast Wayne for endorsing the most libertarian candidate in a race with no “big L” competitor because the guy has an “R” after his name, you better darn well make sure you didn’t give enough money to Ron Paul to show up on public FEC reports. Because, well, that would make you a hypocrite would it not? Hope you didn’t vote in a Republican primary (for Ron or anyone else) either.So, at the end of the day, SO WHAT if Wayne threw some support behind one of the best advocates for free market systems we have in this country, Peter Schiff. Wayne’s endorsement came on the heals of one earlier in the week from Congressman Ron Paul who is the best friend to liberty and sound economic principles we have in the entire Congress at the moment. I’ll take a good advocate for freedom and liberty wherever I can find one, and if that means having to accept certain electoral realities when a really great candidate manages to sneak his way onto the ballot in one of the two “old party” systems, I’ll take it.So, for whatever it’s worth. Ron Paul endorses Peter Schiff for Senate. Wayne Allyn Root endorses Peter Schiff. And so do I. Go to Peter’s campaign web site and toss a few bucks his way but don’t forget your local Libertarian friends either. Let the children keep throwing rocks and whining, the rest of us will take freedom and liberty wherever we can find it.

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