Term Limits? Maybe not as good an idea as it sounds…

Term Limits may sound great to you. Have you considered, though, that they essentially create Senators & Congresspeople that are lame ducks for years at a time? If we were to elect any legislator into the last term they were constitutionally eligible for, they would have the same lame duck lack of responsibilty to constituents as those voted out of office have for a couple months at a time today.

Can you imagine the attitude our legislators would have about which laws to pass if they had no one to answer to for two or six years? A SIX-YEAR lame duck Senator? I cannot fathom the number of laws that would be passed favoring our Senators and Congresspeople instead of favoring We, The People.

Yes, our efforts to decrease political nonchalance could actually increase political corruptness. Surely that’s not what anyone wants. There’s a good article here from the great people at United Liberty that discusses a couple reasons why we should not want term limits. It also address some alternatives to term limits that would help put the power of Congressional decision-making back into the hands of the people. Check it out, and leave a comment with your thoughts.

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