Twenty-Five Days

Well, it looks like it’s been twenty-five days since my last post. That’s pretty bad! My excuses aren’t necessarily that great, but it’s been a combination of three factors: a) busy work/personal life stuff, b) getting more up-to-speed on local issues/politics, and c) reading some books.In the meantime, Sen. Evan Bayh (D-IN) announced that he would not run for re-election. This was a bit of a surprise and big news here in Indiana. Bayh timed his announcement well with clear knowledge that no Democrat would be able to get enough signatures to have ballot access in the primaries. This will allow the party insiders to choose the candidate rather than the electorate.I truly do hope to post more regularly going forward, but I am undecided on how I plan to focus my efforts. I have some desire to focus on more local issues – especially as the 2010 election cycle ramps up and I get more involved with the local LP. This blog may not be the best outlet for that. The national/global/economic scene always interests me, but I probably won’t churn out content as frequently and would prefer to focus on analytically-driven essays rather than the news cycle.I’m open to all comments, feedback, and requests… I’d like to thank everyone who frequents the site and enjoys my ramblings.

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