Wayne Allyn Root Should Be Libertarian National Chair

I’m writing today to publicly state that I support Wayne Allyn Root for Chairman of the Libertarian National Committee along with his running mate, Mark Rutherford who seeks the Vice-Chairmanship. I have had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Root on more than one occasion as he tirelessly and unselfishly has spent time visiting my state and engaging with some of our leaders. I have known Mr. Rutherford for what this year marks as a full decade.There has no doubt been significant and often unflattering discussion amongst members, fans and observers of the Libertarian Party regarding who should next lead the party. The national convention approaches in just a couple of days and I know that the other individuals vying for these positions with the party are bright, well-meaning people. Even when some of the rhetoric and tactics in trying to discredit Mr. Root have been divisive or misleading I like to believe that it is over an interest in protecting the Libertarian brand however misguided the effort. Regardless, it is clear that the Libertarian Party needs leadership that goes beyond an interest in intellectual debate and rock throwing. The current environment is ripe for the Libertarian Party, if not libertarians of any affiliation, to stand up, be heard and let America know that there is another way. So many voters have really started to realize that the two old political parties are really just clubs with an interest in raising money and seeking power via elections and that they are not really organizations dedicated to preserving liberties, rights or Constitutional government. Sure, there might be some good people holding office who are still trapped within the old two-party system; but, how often are those folks with whom we might most agree marginalized despite their broad appeal? In order to get the libertarian message out, I firmly believe that the party needs not only the kind of savvy intellectual leadership that Mr. Rutherford brings to the table but also the energy, enthusiasm and know-how that Wayne Root desires deeply to leverage for the benefit of this great country. If you want someone who can take a message to the media and to the people, who can engage with them and spread enthusiasm for libertarian candidates and ideals than Wayne is the guy. His choice of Mark Rutherford, the once long-serving Indiana State Chairman, shows that he wants to ally himself with people who have proven they can develop a Libertarian organization into an accessible, credible and important part of the political dialog as Mark and his immediate successors have done.If you’re looking for some kind of purity test that would isolate libertarian support down to only the most anarcho-capitalist folks among the party’s ranks than, indeed, you may not be ready to help demonstrate to the rest of the world the kinds of pragmatic, sensible solutions that would gradually and increasingly show people that libertarian ideals and philosophy can and will work in the real world. The kinds of things that show that we can be measured and patient while peeling back the onion of spending, taxation and government control of our lives. And more than anything the voters need to know that the Libertarian Party will pay more than lip service to these issues; but, that if given the reigns it will prove that they meant it. Let’s give Wayne and Mark a chance to see what they can do. It’s time for some fresh perspectives while still sticking true to our core beliefs.(note: the author is a former Libertarian candidate for U.S. House of Representatives, a former communications director for his county party, a policy advisor and occasional speaker on libertarian issues and helped other volunteers organize and support Indiana Tea Party efforts as far back as 2007)

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