Responsibile, competent, and tolerant Libertarianism.

Welcome to the website of the Libertarian Party of Marion County in Indiana. We are affiliated with the national Libertarian Party and the Libertarian Party of Indiana. The Libertarian Party is the third largest political party in the United States and is the only non-major party with ballot access in the state of Indiana. Marion County is home to Indianapolis and is the largest affiliated county in Indiana.

Libertarians believe in being SERVED by a small, non-intrusive government that is financially responsible, administratively competent and socially tolerant.

"Libertarians believe the answer to America's political problems is the same commitment to freedom that earned America its greatness: a free-market economy and the abundance and prosperity it brings; a dedication to civil liberties and personal freedom that marks this country above all others; and a foreign policy of non-intervention, peace, and free trade as prescribed by America's founders." (Source: The Libertarian Party: A Short History, 2000)

Libertarian Presidential Candidate Gary Johnson to Participate in Purdue Town Hall

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Libertarian Presidential Candidate Gary Johnson Accepts Invitation to Participate in Purdue University Town Hall Hosted by Mitch Daniels Indianapolis – August 8, 2016 – The Libertarian Party of Marion County is excited that Libertarian Party Presidential Candidate Gary Johnson will participate in a town hall at Purdue University on Tuesday, September 13th […]

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Libertarian Party of Marion County Offers Solutions Missed By Mayor Hogsett’s Plans for New Jail

Indianapolis Mayor Joe Hogsett laid out plans for a new jail in his recent State of the City Address, and in doing so linked Marion County’s criminal justice woes to the city’s financial problems. The Libertarian Party of Marion County said the mayor missed several key points. Libertarian Party of Marion County chairman Chris Mayo […]

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