The Indianapolis City-County Council needs a chaperone or two

At February 19th’s City-County Council meeting everyone was expecting drama, fighting, and shifty procedural moves. Instead, Stephen Clay resigned his position as Council President. Vop Osilli was unanimously approved to fill his place.

Lest we need to remind anyone, this all started when Democrat Clay began working with Republicans to oust his fellow Democrat Maggie Lewis as President. An odd move of political backstabbing and selfish promotion.

The Indianapolis Business Journal sums up their coverage of this story with one line:

“Then the council adjourned. And Vice President Zach Adamson made an audible sigh and wiped his brow.”

This back-room dealing and political maneuvering has been going on for six weeks. For the entirety of 2018, the Council has been mired in its internal affairs rather than the business at hand for residents of Indianapolis. That’s six weeks of wasted time and a useless exercise for selfish betterment. This might be “done”, but it’s inexcusable to pretend like everything’s fine now. It’s foolish to think it won’t happen again, either.

Democrats and Republicans aren’t working. They’re not working together, and they’re not working independently since it remains to be seen if Clay ever rejoins his caucus.

The LPMC thinks the Council needs a chaperone or two. We’re as tired of the infighting as every other voter. There is no party better suited to bring peace and a neutral point of view than the LPMC.

We’re not interested in the partisan bickering. We’re not interested in wasting money on lawsuits and petty grievances.

In 2019 when Council seats will be up for election, take a look at your Libertarian candidate. Get to know them and what they stand for like you would any other candidate. The Libertarian Party of Marion County encourages everyone who wants a government focused on serving the needs of its residents to vote for Libertarian candidates. We’re the only Party that’s fiscally responsible and socially accepting. We’re the only Party that’s capable of being a neutral force for good on the Council.

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