2020 Convention Details

The Gist
The Libertarian Party of Marion County’s annual convention is January 11, 2020 at the Athenaeum at 6 pm. We’re electing new LPMC leadership, a bylaw revision, delegates to the LPIN Convention in March, and candidates for 2020 races.

Notice of Bylaw Revision
A bylaw revision will be up for a vote at the Convention. You can read about the change on our website.

How to attend the Convention
This is a free event. Anyone can show up, but only dues-paying members of the LPMC or LPIN can speak and vote.

To become a member, contribute at least $25 annually to either the LPIN or the LPMC. We recommend a $10 per month donation. You likely won’t notice it’s missing and it adds up quickly for the good of the Party.

The LPMC Secretary will check your membership status at the door and credential your badge appropriately. 

New LPMC Leadership
Career and work changes have left some openings with the LPMC. I’ll be moving on after January 11. Our Vice-Chair position is also recently open. Our Leadership has decided to hold elections for these positions since we’re so close to the Convention anyway. 

If you’re interested in serving as Vice-Chair, prepare to nominate yourself or be nominated at the Convention and make sure you’re a contributing member of the LPMC.

Our 2019 mayoral candidate, Douglas McNaughton, intends to run for Chair and has many ideas for the new year. If you would like to nominate yourself or someone for Chair at the Convention, you may do so if you’re a member. Members will then vote for each position. 

Our Secretary and Treasurer positions are halfway through a two-year term and are not up for election.

For my part: I’ve had the pleasure of being your Chairperson for about 18 months after Bill Bean passed away last year. I miss Bill and hope I have served in his place to his satisfaction and yours.

Delegates to the LPIN Convention
The 2020 LPIN Convention is March 6-8 at the Marriott East here in Indy.

We will be nominating delegates from Marion County to the State Convention at our Convention. Those delegates will have the responsibility of selecting our next candidate for Governor and other statewide races in 2020. 

We don’t know how many delegate positions we’ll be nominating yet, but it’s most likely over a dozen. We expect to nominate extras, too.

To become a delegate, come to the Convention prepared to nominate yourself or someone else. The membership will vote for delegates in order of overall vote totals.

This is a simple but vitally important position. If you’re looking to get more involved in the Party, running as a delegate is a great first step.

2020 Races: How to run + what’s up for election
At the bottom of this email is a list of positions up for election in 2020. This includes several Township Advisory Board seats that may be uncontested in your location. We won’t know until the primaries, of course, but as a district they’re small, may have only a few hundred voters, and can easily be campaigned for.

If you’re unsure precisely where your district lines are drawn for some positions, check the Voter Information Portal.

To run for one of these offices:

  1. Review the local candidate qualifications
  2. Fill out this form on our website
  3. Make sure you are a contributing member of the LPMC. We recommend at least $20/mo. for candidates.
  4. Show up to the Convention prepared to nominate yourself (or be nominated) for the position when it’s called. Voting members in the room will vote and determine your candidacy.
  5. The LPMC Chair will certify the results with the Election Board after the Convention. This enables you to file to run as a Libertarian.
  6. Campaign!

Remember to RSVP via the Facebook event.

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