Indianapolis Attorney Mark Rutherford Seeking National Vice-Chairmanship of Libertarian Party

Local business attorney and former State Chairman of the Libertarian Party of Indiana is seeking the National Vice-Chairmanship along with Nevada entrepreneur Wayne Allen Root who is seeking the Chairmanship. A letter, the text of which follows, issued by the Rutherford campaign went out to Libertarians across the country.

Dear fellow patriots,

America is not a place … a country … or even its people.

At its core, America is an idea. An idea that all men (and women) are by their nature endowed with rights and that government exists only to protect those rights. This was the vision of our forefathers and it is a guiding belief of the Libertarian Party.

The Libertarian Party has a strong platform of principles that uphold the American tradition of freedom and tolerance and in today’s political environment, never before have we seen so many willingly embrace these principles. Indeed, it is a proud day to be a Libertarian.

I am a proud Libertarian, and many of you know me to have championed many Libertarian causes and groups in the past. I led the Libertarian Party of Indiana for many years and helped make it one of the most successful state parties in the country. I am also on the Indiana Public Defender Commissioner (appointed as a Libertarian to the Commission by Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels) and currently serve as its Chairman. I started Atlas!Liberty Pac, a non-profit organization aimed at promoting the next generation of Libertarian thinkers and leaders. I am also on the board of directors for Advocates for Self-Government, which serves to spread the message of liberty. Most importantly, I served for many years as a faithful member of the LNC, where I’ve seen first hand what needs to be done so much better in order for us to become a dominant political party.

However, despite all my efforts to promote liberty, none have been as important as the challenge we face now, together. We will soon be electing our next Chair. Who we choose will determine the direction that this party, our party, shall take. It is a choice for the future of the Libertarian Party; can we fulfill our political destiny?

We can all agree that in order for us to continue growing, we have to show that the party of principle is broad, diverse, and inclusive. We need a Chair that is vocal about Libertarian principles and that can penetrate the media to reach the minds of more Americans. Only then can the Libertarian Party ascend to bring its principles to the national debate and save our country.

I am proud to be joining with Wayne Allyn Root in an effort to save our country through building a powerful, effective force of freedom.

I have joined with Wayne to help build the infrastructure, media outreach and professional branding the party will need to run effective campaigns and build a political party that can challenge the status quo of ever-growing government being imposed upon us by the two dominant political parties.

But we can’t do it without your help.

Whether you have been involved with our party for many years or even if you are brand new, I want you to become a delegate to the Libertarian Party National Convention.

Attend the convention in St. Louis this Memorial Day Weekend. As a delegate you can proudly cast your vote of support for the Root/Rutherford team

Vote to bring the Libertarian Party to the forefront to engage freedom’s opponents in a battle for America’s birthright.

Mark Rutherford,

Candidate for Vice Chairman of the Libertarian Party

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