The Rutherford Report 10-2-10

Brendan Kelly is running for District 14 New Hampshire State House, is an elected official, serving as a Selectman on the Seabrook Council. He has served as Chair of the Seabrook Council.The Seabrook Council overlaps two-thirds of the 14th District.In 2008, before Kelly became better known through his position as a Seabrook Council selectman, he came in sixth of nine candidates seeking a house seat in District 14. The top four candidates are elected to the New Hampshire house in the 14th District.This year, there are only seven candidates for the four seats available in the 14th District.Kelly is in need of funds to make two mailings and run newspaper advertisements before the election. The legislative districts in New Hampshire have relatively few voters, so $2500 can help him put the final touches on his campaign.Why he might get elected:1. He’s an elected official within the legislative district.2. He ran well in 2008 despite a lack of name recognition he had at the time.3. He has vastly improved name recognition since 2010 from his service as a Selectman.4. The relatively low number of votes needed to win means that $2500 can meaningfully help him reach crucial voters.Go to his web site and hit the donate button to donate on-line or follow the instructions on his web site to give by check. Let me know if you help Brandan by leaving a comment to this post.

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