Vanilla Ice To Do Home Improvement Show?

Breaking from our usual politically oriented fare, I thought this might be a fun diversion. I was told by a friend (hi Joh!) that Robert Mathew Van Winkle (we affectionately know him as Vanilla Ice) was going to be leading a home improvement show on the DIY network. And sure enough, this is true. So, I couldn’t help but spend a couple of minutes putting some new lyrics to his most famous song.(to the tune of Ice Ice Baby)Alright stop, carpentrate and listenIce is back with a whole new professionGrab some lumber and hold it tightlyWith a saw and a level on prime time nightlyWill it pass code? Yo I don’t know.Call the inspector and he’ll show.To the extreme now I won’t have to panhandleElectrician I’m not though you might need a candleI’ll build it good so it won’t go boomDrywall this bitch then do another roomDeadly if my work is shoddyYou can use it but don’t flush the pottyLove it or leave it the place will be greatWhen I do plumbing yo I don’t playIf there is a problem, yo I’ll solve itCheck out this blade while my saw revolves itRehab it ice ice baby (repeat x4)(Okay … who can spring for studio time so we can record this and make it a YouTube hit? I can play bass.)

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