Two Indianapolis Libertarians Finish Strong in School Board Races

Indianapolis Libertarians should be very proud today.Allison Maguire finished a strong fifth in a field of 13 candidates for Pike Township School Board. Unfortunately, only the top three finishers were elected to the board.Allison is currently on the Central Committee of the Libertarian Party of Indiana, representing the 7th Congressional District.Jo (Josephine) Coleman placed a strong third out of seven candidates for an at-large position on the Indianapolis Public School’s board. She has been an officer of the Libertarian Party of Marion County.Both didn’t hide their Libertarian ties, and wore them proudly during these non-partisan races. They both know that non-partisan refers to how one gets on the ballot and is labeled on the ballot. It does not mean you can’t proudly be a Libertarian and say so.Lastly, the Libertarian Party of Marion County also endorsed Paul Ogden, who finished sixth behind Allison Maguire.Here are the results of both races:Indianapolis School Board at-large (only one elected):Chequrita (Cece) Booker, 1,626, 9.01Josephine Coleman, 2,674, 14.82Justin Paul Forkner, 2,580, 14.30Ronald (Ronnie) Hampton Jr, 1,581, 8.76William Jackson, 1,292, 7.16Leroy Robinson, 3,789, 21.00Andrea J. (Annie) Roof, 4,503, 24.95Pike Township School Board (top three finishers elected):John E. Brown, 2,194, 11.76David S. Copher, 1,344, 7.20George E. Crooks, 1,229, 6.59Thomas Allen Haynes, 662, 3.55Eric Huffine, 2,056, 11.02Carl Z. Liggins Sr., 1,243, 6.66Allison Maguire, 1,784, 9.56Tammy D. Moon, 876, 4.69Paul K. Ogden, 1,529, 8.19Brownell Payne, 534, 2.86Regina Randolph, 2,395, 12.83Wanda N. Thomas, 720, 3.86Yvette R. White, 2,094, 11.22

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